Zwift: will indoor cycling sports into virtual reality

according to foreign media reports, for people who love to ride a bicycle, the worst, the cold winter forehead frozen to numb fingers. And want to maintain good remind cyclists often have to settle for second best, to indoor fixed bike. But indoor car there is a little bad: it will be very boring. Because of this, the London startup Zwift launched a “massively multiplayer online game”, let the cycling enthusiasts can in virtual 3 d world competition with other people.

Zwift co-founder Eric (Eric Min) itself is cycling enthusiasts, Ming in cycling is famous for its sponsor outstanding team. He recently left he co-founded high-speed trading company, considering to start a business. During the period of consideration, he thought of why indoor cycling experience and problems for a long time have no too big.

Zwift: will indoor cycling sports into a virtual reality

so, he set up a simple goal: to better the indoor cycling experience. He felt that to build a large online games should be able to do this.

there are other companies trying to indoor cycling into video games, but often need to connect the computer purchase expensive equipment. Zwift pointed out that its games cost is relatively low, only need less than $200 in spending on equipment.

Zwift: will indoor cycling sports into a virtual reality

participants need a stationary bicycle and basic test speed and rhythm of the wireless sensor. In fact, a lot of cycling fans already have these sensors, the installation of the local stores to sell on to the handlebars of bicycles.

to get more accurate data, Zwift players may need to use measurements of actual force players to pedal power meter. Power meter than basic sensor is expensive, but in recent years have been falling prices – the company planning to launch a $400 shortly after the related products. Eric Ming pointed out that the power meter cyclists may have better experience, some of the online activities in the future may need to configure the equipment.

Zwift player to charge $10 a month subscription fees, it said today it would open up 1000 places in the service registry, to the winter this year will be fully opened. Today the number of registered users can Zwift Island Island competition with other users, that is the first Zwift virtual field. Zwift said that virtual Central Park (Central Park) may be the next game. It also work with bicycle race promoters in simulated real-life cycling route.

Zwift game specific mode of operation is: the driver on the trainer to ride a bike, eyes staring at computer screens, and on the card in the trainer’s mobile phone by applying to control features such as camera angles. Drivers can pass with a microphone headset standard (MMOG) communication with others. Drivers can compare their performance, Zwift said it would join ranking function in the future. It also hopes to integrate services such as Strava, Strava designed to track the smartphone in outdoor activities by bike.

Eric Ming said he envisioned Zwift will not only is the winter training tool. He also imagine such a scene: a professional cyclist participate in virtual events, the audience can make use of virtual reality helmet followed or watch the action. (Zwift money from Eric Ming and several other investors, two of them have been Facebook acquisition virtual reality helmet manufacturers Oculus VR early investors.)

Zwift future may also allow the indoor bike rider in the virtual environment with outdoor cyclists ride together. For example, they might be real time to participate in the tour DE France cycling race, look at your hands with the world’s most powerful bicycle how big is the gap. The company said it wanted the future can be took the game to the smart phone.

Eric says, Zwift compatible Oculus Rift helmet, virtual reality may apply only to the audience. Wearing the Oculus Rift cycling indoor fixed bike is almost impossible. “You will fall down from the car.” He said.

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