Zuckerberg speech the audience a few 05 Harvard University, history of successful rescue these courses

BI have reported on September 14

this week, actually at Harvard University (introduction to computer science) defeated the economics course, become the new students sign up the largest number of courses, a total of 818 students to sign up.

“Harvard University students are some very smart people.” Undergraduate computer science department at Harry Lewis (Harry r. Lewis) said, “they know that in all subject areas, calculation method and thinking is crucial for the future.”

this world change is too fast. According to professor David Malan (David j. Malan), said in 2002, these courses at Harvard University applicants from nearly 400 students of the Internet bubble in 100.

in 2005, only about 120 students to sign up learning these courses, and in December 2005, when harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) to make a speech at Harvard University, fewer than 20 students to attend.

it is obvious that the students of Harvard University at that time did not understand the importance of computer science.

of course, in those days, 21, zuckerberg has become so hot icon as it is today. However, his Facebook empire is built. The social network is when he read the sophomore in February 2004, founded by; By 2005, the social network has covered the 2000 schools, 400 million times a day views, and has 50 employees.

in the speech on the stage, by Michael (Michael d. Smith) professor Smith, zuckerberg acquired it only a handful of audience wasn’t a big round of applause.

“hi, hello. You are considerate. This is my first time to make a speech at Harvard University.” Zuckerberg said.

the audience laugh.

zuckerberg in 2005 Harvard University lecture audience few

zuckerberg conducted a short but very technical content of the speech, and answer some of the students to ask questions. The students kept asking questions about the Facebook, but rarely asked about computer science problem. It is still a zuckerberg disappointment.

“have computer science questions?” He repeatedly asked in a tone of as a joke.

he said now enrolled how computer science is a wise choice.

“now the technology industry is one of the coolest things people will be able to use various techniques to complete a lot of things impossible before. You can do even four years ago when founded Google just can’t do something. Now, Google has numerous computer, it may spend money on technology equipment billions of dollars.”

“in Google before the advent of generation, no big hardware can’t even build a web site. For example, I want to eBay need two $50000 worth of computer can run. If you’re just a kid in the university dormitory, you may feel that you simply can’t do such a thing. We had for the price of $100 a month rent to develop computer network, eventually won the 300000 users. I think this is a very cool thing.”

“it is the unique of things happened in the technology industry. You don’t have to worry about who is the boss in the industry, also don’t have to worry about what will Google do next, you will be able to concentrate on doing a lot of a lot of things. You don’t like traditional companies to raise money everywhere, and then you can do something. Now, you only on their own can do a lot of things.”

“I don’t know if it will be able to answer your questions. However, this is what I think now is one of the reasons for learning computer science is very wise. Any time in the past, you can’t use that less money get this powerful technique, which affect many people in this world.”

9 years later, mark zuckerberg has become the idol, have a net worth of us $33 billion, now these lessons in the classroom is also crowded, as shown in figure 3. (happy)

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