ZhuFangHao: don’t believe in millet MIOS, but their control systems

on December 31, hunting cloud network (word/water Yan)

just yesterday afternoon and 360 to carry out the cooperation of cool, rare platform by the chief executive Guo Deying personally held in Beijing the “all the great god F2 netcom version” conference, delicious shows himself with suppliers, distributors, good relations of cooperation. Specific please click hunting cloud network reported on it.

then cloud network hunting and took part in the great spirit chief ZhuFangHao Tmall electric city general manager zhang jun, love s&d wen-hui huang, chairman of the board of the group to visit. What is cool cooperation with 360? As electrical goods brand of the great god, the hair now love s&d platform distributors and to draw the line? Hodgepodge of cat the day so cool a great god can dig into what new cooperation resources?

cool to tell everyone: hardware market or channel and supply chain world

rapid booming of millet, let many cultivated hardware company for many years in the industry, the move also want to create miracle. , of course, some people are purely see capital market hot, want to play to make a few sacks money go. There are most entrepreneurs to for many years to raise themselves out, the son of a more handsome.

but in the end is in weibo WeChat taobao do several promotions, lala fame, and then still as usual. The resources of the great god because the back is cool, make their own “promotions” success allows users to remember. The cool tells us: “this is just the new sales channels.”

cloud network hunting in the article analyzed the problem.

this is the most amazing originally as a cost-effective electric goods brand great god, and to the domestic top line distributor — love s&d as its platform, and indicates that the great god will go online all the mode of operation of channels, to indicate that cool value of channel.

hardware vendors can do is to combine their technical resources, supply chain advantage, make a good competitiveness of products, through the product won the user’s approval, so as to improve their bargaining power in front of distributors, supply chain, in order to gain more resources to cooperate. This is a hardware manufacturer the right business model.

at the millet, actually also is lei jun calls himself a lot of industry, capital market resources, thereby step to improve yourself in front of the user of the brand awareness, to hunger marketing mode to expand the market demand. At the same time with self-built electric business model to control part of the channel, through a series of overall operation, finally can make oneself from the aspects of supply chain, channel, to a large number of resources, stable position created a miracle of its own.

this is based on the existing business logic of a new operation pattern, for mature commercial companies, the top of the all day to write a business plan for this understand very well. What don’t like online blows “looked down on, look not to understand, can’t keep up with… “What things. but his condition is not suitable for such operation, easy to cause the left hand right hand only.

our scope of cooperation with 360 May not have thought so wide, cool themselves firmly control system

questions about the cooperation with 360, ZhuFangHao made certain avoidance in an interview. But hunting cloud network from the Angle of side of mobile phone customization system, awareness of cool on the Internet in the field of view.

cool their coolui a wide range of melting into the third party software, desktop applications, lock screen, press, and even the shops were open platform is adopted in the form of cooperation with a third party, his last into or packaged in the form of tender to obtain profits.

a CoolUI app store is directly to repack tencent app store, or even cool can manage application in the app store is recommended, to obtain profits.

will cool about hunting cloud network based on the joint application developers on their own platform, like millet do MIOS rumors, packaged services integrated into a lightweight system, provide better experience for 399, 199 mobile phone. (it’s actually like Nokia Asha product pattern, with enough useful function to meet user demand for mobile phones)

ZhuFangHao give response is: don’t look good. Said: cool ever joint service providers to do some research, on the one hand, the research of the system finally based on the depth of the third party system customization, on the other hand in the smartphone experience pattern under the condition of more and more, the new system can only satisfy user functional requirements, on the aesthetic and so on experience cannot compare with the existing android, difficult to win customers.

about cool in future competitors (millet) to launch such products, will jointly with relevant technical advantage of the company, such as carrying ali YUNOS to optimize the experience of 399 mobile phones.

ZhuFangHao give positive response: no. because their own custom system is with the application provider, supply chain, channel, bargaining chip, is directly obtained user acceptance, achieve brand advantage platform of choice, can’t share with any third party. Cool will not use the various forms of system of any third party, will only put the system in our own hands.

so, 360 is a great god provides customized system guess for now is completely impossible, to cool the cooperation with 360 more capital level, as well as the system related to the third party application service system adapter built-in.

two cooperation more might be: related product project of technology optimization, the great god service project cooperation and docking, final project technical resources sharing. Real situation how, New Year’s day arrived, on January 8, also not far away, waiting to officially revealed two!!!! (after all, such a big thing, or to allow the two ‘things, more propaganda promotion)

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