Zhang wei chat activity 】 【 affectionately is how fire up

close door may note affectionately working in Beijing began to advertise in the subway, interface illustrates what? Local tyrants start-up, not bad money! Silently, a main work workplace social application of the scene, doing the doing up! In August, affectionately announced by IDG capital and morningside venture for $20 million B round of financing, valuation of $100 million. Cloud network hunting “entrepreneurial public class 13 we and entrepreneurs together to learn about this amazing company.

this guests: affectionately market and business head Zhang wei

this topic: affectionately is how to fire up the

time: November 23 (Sunday)

location: Beijing dongcheng district galactic SOHO chaoyang gate street building room 50618, sino-us entrepreneurship center south 6 layer dajie (subway station G)

Sino-us enterprise innovation platform strategy cooperation: house business development research center


friendship activities Idlers connected actor IT ear wire drawing activities The salon has Internet, m music, Internet participant guide

limit: 100 (completely free)

attendees communication group of QQ 169251298 (please indicate the hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses add)

activity agenda:

13:30-14 point sign in

14 points – 15 speaker

15-16 point audience questions, answer guest

16-17 PM free exchange

completely free, hunting cloud network public class USES the registration system.

the preferred application methods: send the registration information to hunt cloud network mailbox lieyunwang@gmail.com

or in the following form to fill out the registration information, thank you, lovely

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