Zhang to pick com: PGC biggest platform with sohu battle

sohu company chairman of the board and CEO, sohu video acting CEO zhang today for the first time came to com headquarters office, employees of com, said 56 will fight with sohu net, in PGC content (output) implemented beyond, to build China’s largest PGC platform.

Charles zhang said that after com from the field of video began very early, and fell in love with everyone, and everyone founder Joseph Chen and sohu had very deep origin, so the 56 network into sohu, is a kind of predestination. Com and sohu video business direction is highly fit, sohu video is one of the important business of sohu group, video business and the sohu group concerned in the same direction.

“I think about half of the time in video,” said zhang, of the detail such as the flow of video business will detailed understanding and concern, and the com can join the sohu group, in the field of video of random shellfire, fighting together.

in zhang’s view, sohu is the one of the cradles of the Chinese Internet history, is now leading to the road of the re-emergence of personally, mainly focuses on four aspects: one is including the sohu news portal, the client and the mobile phone sohu net, such as media platform, 2 it is video, three is search, four games. These resources will be deep, deep used for different user groups, these will make the 56 network video users produce a boost, achieve new growth.

zhang disclosed that sohu video than those on a large scale acquisitions, depend on the large group behind massive investment video board USES the less cost, high-value for technology products, accurate purchase creative marketing, the content is higher than in the past more than a year of growth, traffic growth more than three times, the quarterly year-on-year growth of income of up to 80%, firmly occupy the first camp, and with more effective, to be in the first group to achieve in the future. Among them, the 56 network is an important part of. Sohu video has stable video 1.0 stage, is copyrighted content broadcast platform, network video is steadily go beyond traditional TV channels. The sohu video sees a new development potential of video 1.5 and 2.0 is about to burst. Although the UGC (user output content) was developed in China for many years, but have not been able to achieve high value development stage.

zhang judgement, the future of hundreds of millions of UGC, will form the content of tens of thousands, tens of higher quality of PGC content (output) producers, the equivalent of a video of the “V”, can really promote the field of video to mass production has the characteristics of Internet video content, rather than to simply broadcast television era of copyright content. And PGC platform will become an important resource, video phase 1.5 combining with big data to develop new advertising and marketing system, create the value of explosive. Com and sohu video of PGC platform will get through, become China’s largest PGC platform, realize the PGC. “We are ambitious, and resources to com to join sohu big transition, together, create good things for this area,” zhang said, two more complementary platform will be together in the aspects of industry to achieve greater pursuit and meaning.

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