Zhang once again to crack down on pirates, over Japanese anime launched special activism

on December 23, sohu video has launched a special activism against Japanese anime. For sohu video exclusive Japanese anime stealing behavior, sohu video have been carried on the preservation of evidence, notarization of productions of hundreds of times, involving infringement of a dozen websites. There on site without permission, without authorization, in the online play Japanese anime “slamdunk” tort, sohu video has citing violations works information network transmission right filed a lawsuit, the court has accepted the case. The day diffuse works for the rights of the behavior, is the sohu video first day diffuse works on human rights, a total claim amount will be as high as tens of millions of yuan.

it is understood that due to the complexity of Japanese anime works copyright situation, foreign evidence obtained has certain difficulty, launch a rights of action and few right side was a Japanese anime, so many sites in the case of knowing infringement still wantonly stolen. Sohu video for special research, to collect relevant evidence at home and abroad, and a scale rights for the first time. As is known to all, zhang himself firmly initiative to crack down on piracy in recent years, launched an anti-piracy alliance, for the domestic video sites of genuine played an important contribution.

in recent years, sohu video continued spending a huge sum of money to introduce including occupy the top three of the top animation cartoon “sea king” () “one piece”, “full-time hunter”, “the demon’s tail”, such as hundreds of popular anime, day diffuse content occupy the amount of annual animation industry is introduced into the lead. Outside the day diffuse, sohu video, such as exclusive “pig man” is introduced a large number of domestic animation and “the simpsons” and so on Europe and the United States and South Korea’s top animation content, is now the status of the first platform “anime”.

in 2015, the cartoon the sohu video new ace category, will continue to press industry. Sohu video will continue to make greater efforts to introduce top anime products exclusive resources will continue to outbreak, to keep the top edge. Sohu video give play to the resource advantage of unique platform and gradually consolidated and all areas of the user preferred role, make more industry flagship category; And will focus on the introduction of sole works on rights protection work, to safeguard the fundamental interests of the users and the healthy operation of the entire video industry ecology.

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