Youku launch “2014 video all night,” play “the whole video linkage” brand

yesterday, youku announced in Beijing, and jointly organized by anhui satellite TV, with weibo, iresearch as strategic partners, the launch of “2014 video all night” and invited uncle “national” super wu as the activity image ambassador.

“all video linkage” become the industry consensus, it is time to try a cross-platform inventory. Youku “2014 video all night” from the film and television, the variety, the network multiple images such as the category, is the first time China’s video industry for cross-platform cut in inventory. Conference, youku CEO Wei Ming announced that the annual video based on three big data characters shortlist. It is understood that “2014 video all night” on January 16, 2015 held in the water cube.

with the development of screen more interactive and video way of life, past basis to distinguish between the film and television broadcast media, variety, network video, the border are increasingly blurred. Traditional film and television more seriously and video online interaction; And video website in terms of homemade program development, cross-platform, “the industry” inventory time has come. As the pioneers of the video industry in China, the establishment of multiple screen culture entertainment ecological system and participants, youku itself in the UGC, PGC, outsourcing content, user-generated content, and other fields have a balanced and steady development, the “video all night”, is both comply with the industry trend, refresh for the industry standard provides the opportunities of the imaginative.

is video image outbreak in 2014 a year. Making movies or TV series, or users to upload, video image has become a “sexy”, inciting the public daily topics, bearing the national collective memory. Wei Ming said, according to the latest figures, youku APP installed capacity ranking Chinese application of the second week, per capita daily use length and length are ranked first, that from one side to reflect the video in Chinese Internet life weight; And youku led by the “2014 video all night”, just want to with net friend favorite video characters, lead you back to a 2014 video images of wonderful.

“the 2014 video all night” got “full data” support. Based on iresearch full rank, weibo hot topic, youku search library index according to the big data record, submit their TOP list, and on the basis of the comprehensive annual shortlist video characters are obtained. List includes traditional film and television, variety show, the network of homemade, such as network play “all categories” content. Which is like zhao wei, zhou xun, han han, guo jingming, li yi feng, Yang mi, hackberry, popular new images by 2014 chopsticks brothers of famous artists, also has like a professional, outbreak of cartoon, nima, he ye, BIG smile mate, flying saucer minute etc. These represent the ordinary net friend be fond of of network video pioneer.

next year on January 16, 2014 video all night “” will be held in the water cube, and locates in anhui satellite TV. Then, on the basis of pomp on site youku will live.

for uncle “national” super wu as the activity image ambassador, Wei Ming said in an interview: “choose super wu as image ambassador, setting down at first is like him very much. In addition, his low-key, elegant, has the connotation of personal temperament, with the brand image also since youku has been perfectly. In the audience, the netizen thinks, super wu is a kind of Bohemian mature temperament, and have a passionate entertainment spirit.”

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