You said I: positioning C2C all life service, personalized needs one stop solution

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do you have in this moment? Oneself want to drink a cup of coffee, but because the cafe far too lazy to the past; The utilities, gas fee of each month have no time to pay; After 80 young parents take children to and from school too much pressure… As people life rhythm speeding up and the increase of stress at work, spare time life gradually become fragmented, therefore, how to efficient use of fragmented time, stop social idle time resource waste, to become a problem worth thinking about.

recently, I had the opportunity to come into contact with an interesting App – you say I do. “You said I” positioning is C2C comprehensive application service class, docking platform can “money no idle and have no money” leisure “two big groups, provide one-stop solution for the user personalized needs. Use a simple word to describe is “something you speak”.

it is understood that you said I team is developing rapidly at present, founding team staff members from tencent, 58, grand and other well-known large Internet companies. You said I, founder and CEO Wang Shuogong, has a master’s degree in tsinghua university, school of EMBA degree, is now studying in Switzerland’s IMD business school, oneself also has repeatedly entrepreneurship. Wang Shuogong hunting cloud network interview said, “you said I scattered on the user’s idle time and social demand docking, universal service demander, is also a service provider, and you said I goal is to release the productivity!”

specific to App I’m giving you said, the user can be registered as a dual identity, the demanders and server early errands for consumers to provide a comprehensive range of services, services include: bought coffee, code and service, repairing service, pick up service, queuing services, such as cost like six service content. Specific operation process: demanders can send demand directly by voice or text, and demanders send single the demand will be more than one server, but in the end will be decided by demanders choose server. You say, I also have the user credit system, demanders can take advantage of the credit system, based on the service quality of service and credibility.

in the whole service process, cannot ignore a crucial question, as a service security and the authenticity of the user. To this, you said I in view of the service personnel will have a perfect audit mechanism. For the identity of each service personnel will audit strictly, and will be put on record, the provider of the information is similar to the alipay real-name certification, and professional service standards for each service staff training, training of qualified to meet the list formal mount guard. Can say, you said I App in the service of the front has the lowest security problem.

it’s not hard to find, you said I logic thinking is very clear, namely providing services can use their spare time to order to make money by the software, promote personal value, and the people who need the service can be found through the application of people required to solve the work life. Wang Shuogong convective cloud network said, “you said I make the best use of the user’s spare time, to help the civil spare Labour, through personal skills to earn extra cash, to reach maximum productivity for release.”

at present, the market and you said I mode completely almost no similar products, but there are some products model close to. In hunting cloud network point of view, the other products is to help the user to provide services, to help them solve the demand, the simple understanding to send something from point A to point B, similar to the Courier. And you said I was based on the analysis of + perform to help users achieve requirements, such as when the user demand, the platform can analyze the needs of users, according to the analysis result will be “single” sent to professionals, is solved by them.

second, you said I was a non standardized platform, users have any demand, as long as you will need to send to the platform after can help user to complete. Such as the user particularly busy time want to drink starbucks coffee plus a McDonald’s hamburger, but two meals at the same time, can use “you said I” platform to complete.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, in July 2014, you said I App1.0 version of 500 invited users open beta, on November 2.0 version online. Since its launch, has been a steady rise in the user’s data, as of the end of November platform of singular can reach more than 300 single, expected in every single quantity can reach thousands of single before and after the Spring Festival. With the purpose of “release the productive forces”, “said I” you are the attention of the industry experts and users, they have already got the angel investment, is now in the phase of A round of funding.

at the moment, you say, I have got through international trade and service of zhongguancun two business circle, years ago to get through the Beijing market, and two years later will be stationed in Shanghai and hangzhou market. In the future, you say, I will be out in the field of running errands this extension other life service related business, such as maintenance, housekeeping, manicure, generation of driving, etc. Wang Shuogong last mentioned: no matter how to develop in the future, you say, I will always stick to help users to reasonable use up all the fragments of time.

you said I do

company: Beijing you said I do electronic commerce co., LTD.


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