“You ask me to answer:” on-demand q&a StudyPool paid services platform

hunting cloud network (note: if you still couldn’t solve the problem for yourself crazy, so from today don’t have to. StudyPool company gives us an on-demand tutoring platform. It can provide a communication platform for the questioner and the respondent, in you for their own problems when you are sad, not to consider it.

, is one of the members of 500 Startups incubator project, it hopes to students and teachers together. In fact it is Uber company and reality as the template, will be their business model used in the field of another, and this field a transaction usually some friction.

StudyPool company co-founder Richard webber and Jimmy bell in learning service platform after the successful experience from other founded their company, specifically, is to strengthen the relationship of supply and demand.

before you enter the site check is no landing page publicity service – home page is the one you want to will soon be able to see the proposed answers to the edit box, and then to summarize its working principle, the last is to show some in-depth questions, and let people willing to pay for the answer to the question. From the aesthetic point of view, the website is very rough (weber said this is the same as the design earlier released in March) but, look from the function, StudyPool did it very well.

on the web site will be simple problem, StudyPool reputation system will motivate teachers looking for those users would you like to go to quick payment problem answer these simple questions. In the user some deep questions, or need help to generate a paper outline, they will give a price can be accepted by the user to choose from.

by answering a lot of simple questions, teachers can quickly build their reputation, so that we can help them get higher answer the questions on the price. People can even ask a particular user’s problem solving, so if you are in the site’s popularity is high enough, maybe you’ll find that your message box filled with need your help to solve the problem.

this incentive system will be a problem of the average response time shortened to 11 minutes. If a question answer is more than 11 minutes of time, StudyPool will notice this problem is so difficult and obtain the answer is unlikely to get free, suggest you to mention it again in the form of payment.

meanwhile, webb says there are three of the more popular way to charge: free, $1, $5. It’s not StudyPool imposed on users – on the contrary, it’s more like a market dominated by a transparent price.

in the case of charging is so low, you may be worried about the quality of the answer here are not up to the students in the university classroom for the answer. According to weber, close to 18000 people registered to become a teacher (compared to 32000 students of registration), at the same time in the group, there are about 500 “super teacher”, they answer questions every day the number of average in 20 or more. Among them, some people have answered thousands of questions – enough to put down their work as a full-time teacher (for a platform class applications, always have the right to self exaggerated).

is not, as many companies in such a high investment, high growth of entrepreneurial background just bragging, StudyPool company since day one it profitable for 20% of the trading commission. Since the date of release, the company has been attracting users. Now, they are 500 Startups incubator project, a member of the duo is looking forward to expand their ranks. They plan to hire some engineers to construction site in January and broaden the service users.


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