Yohann, apple’s chief designer for the pride of the stents

I would like to have no the stents can make me shine at the moment. But by the Swiss architects Berend Frenzel design Yohann moment just took my breath away. First of all, it’s really beautiful, simple and smart, look at that design, different position and Angle have different functions.

there are two versions of the raise on Kickstarter. Is a high-end piano lacquer surface coated with glass fiber reinforced plastic body, the other is a wooden version, both are made in Germany and Italy respectively.

however, is the most impressive Frenzel could actually make things so simple and effective, as long as a stent can be ready from three different angles, upright and after on landscape pattern and image pattern, also can use leisurely in the uneven surface, such as your knee or bed.

Jonathan “which Jony Ive ever said:” the real concise but from the lead China to wash, to complicated order.” I dare say, zen Yohann seems to have reached this point, it is enough to make apple’s chief designer proud of the product.

this means Yohann like many apple’s own products. To the raise of the earliest supporters, piano paint glass fiber reinforced plastic version costs $69 (which is to find the cheapest price), and the start of a wooden version of quotation is $129. The former supports the 2/3/4/Air, which can also support the mini.

high partly due to the price of domestic manufacturing. “Under the labor condition and ecological standards of Europe, such as wood version of the material you need to ensure that the source of wood for sustainable growth”. Yohann is patented in the United States and China, should be to prevent the inevitable low cost impact.


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