Yi qi xiu: free mobile application scenarios, and provides the mobile end client management

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marketing is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, not to the rubber to people, to be held by enterprises themselves. In the past, focus on their product manufacturing enterprises, and in the external transmission channels is the lack of ability, but now is different, WeChat class social product development, marketing for enterprise marketing provides self growth soil. In such an environment, if you don’t improve external marketing ability, the market marketing the lifeblood of the trust in the third-party service company, the business environment in the law of the jungle, this will be the disaster of this company.

the market cost out of control, unable to control effect of the market, the company with the user information before the opaque and delay sex, make the company to high efficiency and low cost based on the user’s perception to timely adjust their market strategy, product strategy.

yi qi xiu is the mobile phone for mobile Internet marketing web DIY production tool, the user can edit the mobile web, share the social network, through the application form to collect potential customers, or other feedback.

at the same time, yi qi xiu iOS client allows users to view the mobile phone to mobile web traffic, the amount of potential customers to sign up, in addition, the user can through the client built-in sharing function, will share to the social network, email, phone page text contacts, checking my page to collect the contact potential customers, and can directly dial the phone number of the potential customers (premise is that the user can call the function allows a client).

tell hunting cloud network team, yi qi xiu pay attention to two points on the design of the product function, one is the enterprise the marketing service closed-loop, 2 it is free to use. In micro, small and medium enterprises in China, there are still a lot of products on the Internet are not familiar with the enterprise managers and practitioners, we hope that we can through free to use, closed loop service products to reduce the use of the enterprise marketing personnel threshold.

yi qi xiu to provide users with a large number of cases, the template, the designer support drag and drop of freedom, the user can easily get started, realizes own marketing ideas. In addition, the advanced features of easy companies also free, users can customize dynamic effect in the scene, pay attention to the interaction experience. Scene application promotion, they provide socialized sharing channel and effect tracking, let small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) to discover which channel effect is good, which scene effect is good, so as to improve the marketing design.

on the team, yi qi xiu is the Chinese academy of sciences, north dragon China entrepreneurial teams within the company. Senior team, both in product, technology, operation and design from the field serves for the micro, small and medium enterprises, the longest has 10 years of experience in the enterprise service.

at present, the market for mobile Internet “scene” mainly has three types: one kind is with custom application services; One kind is to do WeChat public managed to do the scene; One kind is like yi qi xiu do scenario application of production, marketing tools. The first two categories, application scenario is only a service or product function, the third class moving scenes before and after the closed-loop service is provided. Most of the third kind service providers and how to “make”, can involve the marketing services, very few developers background management. Yi qi xiu is the application of production and management, can provide scene statistics of “mobile marketing scene closed-loop service” provider.

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