Yi letter “encounter” function

on September 2, hunting cloud network news, according to sources, the easecredit propaganda will be launched in September “encounter” light social module, will soon meet with the user. Currently encounter has been in the phase of small scale test, is expected to quickly to the market at the end of the test.

from to get the product screenshots, encounter will be reflected in the news page, click browse with sliding card, you can see strangers online at the same time; Sources, easecredit encounter team is working on a new algorithm, can let users have more opportunity to meet the right person, but not limited to the people nearby. Such as timing, charm, dating behavior, like preferences, personal data, and other factors will affect the met, so dating success rate will be greatly improved.

in addition to avoid embarrassment, encounter excludes contacts and friends in the letter, that is to say not meet acquaintances, make social is not at home. In the encounter with a stranger dialog message will not be confused and letter friends, users can set their own personal Settings for more information, photos, let encounters richer interface. In addition if you meet people who are interested in, can express heart through the “like”.

“encounter” lighter product shape, product design into the stranger social many elements. According to sources, “encounter” also designed some measures to prevent harassment, such as message cannot continuously to strangers, and prevent malicious harassment item added to report.

this year in terms of product innovation, in borrow carpooling, ask features such as push users growth, encounter as we continue to explore important attempt to strangers in the field of social, the personage inside course of study analysis, strangers are the rise of social each mobile IM for the cake, encounter will probably bring easecredit user the outbreak of a new round of growth.

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