Yahoo through alibaba IPO a profit of $9.4 billion

October 2 news, according to the securities and exchange commission (SEC) file, in alibaba the process of IPO (initial public offering), yahoo through the sale of alibaba shares received $9.4 billion in revenue.

yahoo sold 140 million shares in alibaba. The $9.4 billion included the commission and underwriting discount of $0.816 per share. Still holding 383 million shares in alibaba, yahoo stake of 15%, less than 22.4% of the alibaba before the IPO.

Oppenheimer analyst Jason hull firth vines (Jason Helfstein) and other analysts had expected, and yahoo’s earnings will be close to $6 billion.

the more active investors have urged yahoo to change, to promote growth. According to the yahoo investors, hedge funds Starboard Jeffrey, Jeffrey Smith. Smith, director of the Value to send to yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) in an email, yahoo should buy another American Internet portal AOL is facing a dilemma. Mayer said that yahoo will carefully assess the Smith’s email, and will take the interest of company and shareholders.

yahoo in the second quarter revenue and profit are worse than Wall Street’s expectations, display advertising prices fell 24% year on year. Yahoo shares currently only slightly above the level of the early.

source: sina science and technology d gold

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