Yahoo results than expected, BrightRoll proposed $700 million acquisition of video advertising platform

(wen xuan/day)

TechCrunch recently said, citing people familiar with the news of yahoo plans to about $700 million to buy BrightRoll cross-platform digital video advertising platform. At present, the final negotiations between the two sides are, and have been signed.

in this morning, yahoo released its third quarter earnings, according to data, yahoo’s third quarter revenue of $1.148 billion, up 1% from last year’s $1.139 billion; Net income of 6.8 billion dollars (sell shares in alibaba group included $6.3 billion in income), $297 million from last year’s growth, revenue and net profit more than analysts’ expectations. This might make long-term doubt mayer of the New Deal soothing relief for the time being. After a period of time, there have been reports that yahoo is facing a radical investors Starboard Value for yahoo to spin off or sell the company’s huge pressure. The personage inside course of study says, this is probably one of the reasons why the BrightRoll yahoo’s plan to purchase.

7 monthly salaries in yahoo ceos since 2012, mayer has yahoo for more than 30 small m&a deal, aimed at yahoo’s mobile business. And it is reported that alibaba IPO (initial public offering) brought large amounts of cash to the yahoo, yahoo will also adjust the m&a strategy, therefore, from the original start-up of large and medium size companies, strengthen the yahoo’s products to create more revenue, support yahoo revival. Mayer today and at the same time, according to the yahoo! Mobile revenue over $200 million, this year is expected to more than $1.2 billion.

BrightRoll was founded in 2006. , according to research firm comScore data BrightRol is the independent video advertising platform, the number of users most audience ahead of Specific Media, such as AOL, LiveRail, and Google. At present, the top 50 Internet video distributor of 25, and 85 of the 100 largest advertisers with BrightRol cooperation. BrightRol, therefore, is the rival Google and YouTube, if the two sides eventually agreed, suggests that yahoo tried to Google and YouTube in the network video advertising market.

what’s interesting is that in 2011, yahoo’s former financial vice President Ron Will (Ron) Will join BrightRoll, as the company’s CFO.

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