Yahoo mayer: despite the difficulties, I still enjoy them

mayer (yahoo CEO) yahoo to revive the blueprint must use continue to boost mobile business.

more than two years of her efforts to revive yahoo Internet portal, but yahoo! ‘s core business of the display AD didn’t happen too big change, and she mentioned after Google and Facebook growth goal still seems to be too optimistic. Pressure of mentioned, mayer is facing from the activist investor Starboard Value LP (hereinafter referred to as the “Starboard) increasing pressure.

last week, chief executive of mayer has brought some good news. Yahoo broke the earnings and revenue in the third quarter, and has published six quarters of sales rose for the second time. Most of this growth is driven by the mobile advertising, the business does not exist two years ago, they will generate $1.2 billion in revenue this year.

the Wall Street journal: two years ago, you said that your goal is to make the yahoo online advertising industry’s growing faster than your peers. This goal is still exist? Your schedule changed?

mayer: I’ve always said, it could take years. So for me, between 2 years to 5 years may have little effect, but will certainly make a difference between 3 to 5 years. So I think the schedule is similar to my expectations.

we gradually begin to see some of our investment results. Today, almost two years ago we move investment has greatly increased. In two years, we in the mobile business from lack of manpower, lack of product, lack of strategy and the lack of income to have the actual results.

overall, yahoo’s core is, in fact, search and display advertising. And moving beyond the two. For us, the search is a growth story; And mobile business, more can be called is a growth story. Our income has more than doubled compared with the same period last year. We basically have seen nearly triple digit growth.

more than half of all yahoo users are using yahoo’s mobile business. Do you predict will be the near future you can get more than half of its revenue from mobile business?

mayer: this is our goal!

so how long does it take to achieve this goal?

mayer: mobile revenue growth so fast that we are moving up and down the stakes really paid off.

today mobile yahoo still account for only a small percentage of total flow. Perhaps half of our users are using, but mobile or accounted for in the minority. In view of the mobile local advertising success, we firmly believe that the growth of the mobile traffic and is directly proportional to the growth of the mobile user. We think it is very possible that growth, we also believe that we will have more advertising needs, try more forms of advertising, and so on. We will be organic to will raise the price of each of the ads.

in terms of mobile business, yahoo will be able to provide what others can’t provide?

mayer: there are a lot of things. One of them, we have the world’s largest mobile phone users, more than 550 million active users per month. This must be a scope and scale of the game.

in some aspects in our experiment, and our local mobile advertising at least for advertisers and the operation of the traditional PC display advertising. This is a new scale range can be achieved.

your career can benefit from the role of a radical investors. Then, in turn, what do you think of activist investors will have a positive impact to the company and shareholders?

meyer: I think the shareholders’ opinion is always very helpful, we always want to work with them. It is also important to remember that our own is also a shareholder. Some people’s opinion is put all the money and the belief in the company, efforts to create value is always helpful.

if you have changed the cost reduction strategy? Today to discuss whether the office is closed and jobs reflects your change of direction?

mayer: no, this is not a strategy change. We are in discussion and decision the office is closed, in which I was involved in all process. We performance appraisal is on a quarterly basis I submitted in the third quarter of 2012, they allow us to really pay attention to improve work performance, real recognition and reward the best employees, help yahoo botched internal or external personnel to get more income. So far, the performance during my inauguration departure occurred around 2000.

if anything, we try many in 2012 and 2013, we should try to deal, and early in 2014, we have realized that we still have more things to do. In fact, with the help of the outside world, we have a new Angle of view and benchmarking, to help further understanding and drive efficiency.

may continue to layoffs and close the office?

mayer: we tend to be very real time operation. We make a decision quickly. Plan or report without any delay. We will continue to evaluate this.

this is more cost savings. This is more outstanding. For me, the most valuable performance is talent – our top talent stayed. They are to we had never seen the speed of development. Underperforming employees leave. Employees generally stable, it also let me understand what we really want to improve the quality of the talents and the quality of execution.

the Wall Street journal: are you still enjoy them?

mayer: I am very happy. Seriously, I love design, I’m trying to solve the biggest and the most interesting design problems. If someone think I can only play a role in a work, so they are wrong. Get good results and show them, the feeling is really good.

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