Yahoo again wield gold: $11.9 million acquisition of MessageMe

on October 4, several sources confirmed that yahoo for $11.9 million acquisition of mobile information application MessageMe, a move that could produce double-digit millionaires. Yahoo has been in the company’s internal bid was announced, MessageMe employees will start work on Monday in yahoo.

MessageMe is a similar to Whatsapp mobile information application, the first round of financing has amounted to $12 million. The Round by the Mozilla former CEO, silicon valley venture Capital firm Greylock Partners, a partner at John lily (John Lilly) led, other investors, including many venture Capital firms, such as True Ventures, First Round Capital, Google Ventures, SVAngel, Resolut. Vc + Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Social Partnership as well as a number of angel investors.

MessageMe can get so much financing stems mainly from its strong team as well as the trend of rapid growth. Co-founder, Joan ceci (Arjun Sethi) and Justin Rosenthal (Justin Rosenthal) before creating MessageMe, has rich experience in the field of social games. Ceci had run a LOLApps early social gaming company, after a merger with game publishers 6 waves.

the personage inside course of study thinks, ceci and Rosenthal helps them better understand the background of how to establish a product quickly, and help them quickly in popularity. MessageMe users reached 1 million people, it has raised enough seed money. After its release in May 2013, MessageMe only two and a half months, its users reached 5 million. But it turns out that this growth is not sustainable.

after yahoo acquisitions MessageMe, the latter will have 10 people team to join the yahoo. And it is not clear that yahoo and MessageMe signed purchase agreement, is conducive to the terms of the employee. But it is said that the offer does not belong to “discount” (fire sale), signed an agreement, MessageMe still have cash in the bank.

although in alibaba IPO huge revenues, but yahoo! ‘s acquisition speed has slowed down, move to yahoo does not mean that it will start again a large number of mergers and acquisitions start-ups.

MessageMe joining the team may be assigned to Yahoo is developing a mobile application information department, this app is called “Yahoo In

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