Xiang-dong zhang: when everyone is talking about “smart”, you should think about three things

cloud network hunting note: in October, as a long bond digital co-founder xiang-dong zhang after successful IPO in the company chose to leave again entrepreneurship, stare into the bicycle field (including some intelligence services). As the Internet industry most persistent entrepreneurs for cycling, his understanding of what are smart hardware? The following for xiang-dong zhang himself recently published an article, for the industry reference:

a few people know the story of my first business.

it was in 1999, I and two other friends in a village fair village project started. Project failure, is the outcome of the integration of many factors, among them, the product positioning is also one of the biggest problems. At that time, we can give your product is defined as “personal information agent”. Help the user to automatically realize the online shopping in different price comparison website, news keywords fetching and alignment. We call it the name “solution”.

that sounds not bad, right?

but apart from our own, no one in our sounds so cool.

again today to think about it, the reason is visible, in 1999, the Chinese Internet users to millions, e-commerce service has just begun, people must first concern is whether the payment is reliable, delivery can not reach the designated position, allow the user to learn to surf the Internet, the academic society online shopping is the first should meet the requirements.

the business in the end, with no user to use, shareholders liquidation ends are reluctant to present, that’s a great shame. Today besides this shameful story is to say, on the bike this matter, we almost lost again.

when the idea of bicycle appeared, we like all entrepreneurs, the first thought is: smart bike. Why now, but I almost denial to you know, our pure zero zero team (700 bike.com) to do is city bike, rather than intelligent bike? Positioning process, is our each other a few people process of sarcasm, irony, provocative, debate, finally agreed.

the following three points, is a result of our thinking:

1, for smart and intelligent? Yin base!

can’t from the perspective of a “smart” product design, to design the product, rather than from the perspective of “good product” design products. Good product, want to have the virtue of “compliant”, “the beauty of humility” and “careful with her base body”, this words from master made the process of design, the inspiration of our earliest about smart, you’re welcome, that is “Yin base body”.

for intelligence and intelligence, for networked and connected to the Internet, is to put the product into the base body of “her”. Smart or not, networked or not, most painful to see if the user the demand points.

2, occupy the market blank by a function? The opposite!

if it’s just a ready-made products with “networking”, can develop a new market, it was too underestimate business facing the length of time and the intensity of competition.

the addition of Internet technology, really makes a lot of traditional market is facing reshuffle, new companies there is a chance, but this need to understand and analysis of the market, unearthed blank market first, then the product positioning and functional design – don’t get wrong side out.

if we just give the traditional bicycles add a networking capabilities, and then open to sell, why can’t the traditional bicycle brand? This new product on the market share and competitive situation of the next three years, we can control?

pure zero zero selected first, first light spot is the bicycle market: city bike, and networking functions such as design.

these past few years, bicycle commute from walking to fusion sport, fashion, and the change of the multiple purposes, such as, is not meet the market first is city bike.

there are historical reasons this shortage.

in the past, China’s road traffic is poor, so the bike with shock absorption, cushioning, variable speed function will be full of temptations for early contact with consumers, the blindly follow due to don’t understand, it’s time to stop.

we needed, just “bike”.

to redefine the city bike philosophy, is indeed a challenge, and the mission. Because it has characteristics of is our attitude to city life.

beauty, full of the aesthetic feeling of process design.

a sense of security, to ensure uniform and smooth advance, and not easy to lose.

simple, minus unnecessarily complicated function, only is from here to there.

clean, what all can’t be dirty, all clear.

stability, less girlish, very powerful, too late.

cheap, not pride, and convenient and pleasant.

city bike to the need for exclusive time points in the products.

business depends on the market.

other smart products, too, if couldn’t find the real market blank, which is applied to the design of function of mice.

3, entrepreneurship by inspiration? Team!

smart hardware business, is still a start-up. The root of the entrepreneurial team.

no matter you are a day to see all the raise of website design, or do you have a lot of powerful and unconstrained style, but in this area, the most don’t need is inspiration, I heard about the bike intelligent hardware idea can be filled with the office, but you let the office filled with the most experienced in the field of master artist, most patient, willing to communicate, have a real chance.

who can do a innovation, can continue to innovative team is the real entrepreneur.

a lot of people in the guess our product features, but these three ideas, is pure zero zero (700 bike.com) biggest secret. It doesn’t matter, let us share more powerful.

say a: pure zero zero (700 bike.com) to do is the city bike, intelligence, or connected to the Internet is just a small function. Please look forward to a “cheap” city of bicycles.

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