Xiang-dong zhang was ousted from shanda CEO, zhang for front to succeed

on October 28, shanda announced by the board of directors, appointed as acting CEO of zhang for front. Xiang-dong zhang, CEO of dismissal by the board of directors. For zhang feng in 2001 to join the grand, a former grand group, senior director of legal affairs.

xiang-dong zhang since August 2012, succeed Tan Qunzhao as chief executive of shanda games, at the same time as chief producer of shanda games. After successive shanda, shanda group chief operating officer, senior vice President and director position. And has led a number of large network game production, operation and success, “legend” and “the legend of the world” is one of the core managers.

before joining a big group, xiang-dong zhang has served from 1998 to 1998 in language, from 1997 to 1998 in shenzhen Jin Zhi tower computer software company.

a former employees said grand xiang-dong zhang removed does not take the initiative to leave but by the board of directors of the grand, future xiang-dong zhang may consider their own businesses.

in Tan Qunzhao after leaving office, shanda games have been a number of senior executives, earlier, vice President of shanda games garrel Dr Departure, join the upcoming kunlun game as chief executive.

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