WP is the biggest crisis: must get rid of the “flagship gap” as soon as possible

(word/Lin Zhang)

since Microsoft announced the deal with nokia devices and services department, has over the past eight months; In the past eight months after a series of adjustment, Microsoft close; Microsoft’s new equipment group established a new direction. Equipment group executive vice President of Microsoft Stephen elop memo to employees at Microsoft, Microsoft their device as a “focus on productivity and help people make more” strategy of rendering, the equipment will be the best fusion of Microsoft applications, operating systems, and cloud services; Its mission is to use hardware to showcase Microsoft digital work and life experience of the best side, increasing the value of Microsoft’s overall strategy. Microsoft digital work and life experience and show the best side, in the present stage, it seems, low-end machine apparently unable to complete the mission, mission to accomplish such a flagship model.

but in the past eight months or 2014, this mission is not complete; Rumours of Microsoft’s flagship 2014 “McLaren” was cut. Surrounded by a low-end models throughout 2014, Microsoft, Microsoft’s flagship only a should belong to the company in 2013 and 2013 – small screen version of Lumia930 supported earnestly. But its late in the domestic market, as well as the attention to drop substantially. 2014 Microsoft WP flagship machine situation seems is 2012 yesterday once more, Microsoft created serious once again the flagship of the vacant period.

according to IDC, expects global smartphone shipments will reach 1.3 billion units in 2014, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone shipments will reach 35 million units, but the market share of less than 3%. Microsoft assembled dozens of the junior partner in 2014 and in 2014 WP also increasingly perfect, but raw data tell us: Microsoft WP in 2014 did not progress as we expected, even no marking time, but in a backward state, market share has not grown, overall performance is satisfactory.


according to Microsoft’s latest report shows: at present the most popular WP equipment is still the company 520, the “low memory” Windows Phone platform equipment accounted for 71%, which is 512 MB RAM WP8, top 5 of the pandemic WP devices and seven of the top 10 are such devices. “This is a very bad signal, he represents the overall is still at the low end, WP WP low-end models account for the vast majority of the share of the WP. In the long term, WP might one day be no more in the user’s machine, gradually become a box at the bottom end of the pronoun; As now the Android, is still in a lot of people’s cognitive caton. And the more terrible is WP on low-end models with Android low-end machine, especially compared to domestic, in both configuration and the price, not absolute advantage. And on the flagship model, although beset by WP ecology is not yet perfect, but the flagship model is much higher than the value of low-end models, the value of the flagship model, in my point of view has the following three points:

1. Is able to withstand the resources to support the integration of existing resources, showing the strongest force in the present stage of company, using innovation bring unique experience in high-end market competition, access to high-end users to grab the most profitable;

2. With the help of its flagship brand image and boost sales of low-end models, enhance the overall share;

3. With the help of a flagship model long life cycle and strong market awareness, let the consumer products in the future to keep continuous attention, stimulate the next round of sales.

based on the above all, I think in the coming 2015, Microsoft released in urgent need of a true flagship machine to fill the vacancy WP flagship, prove the WP, increase the awareness of WP attract consumers’ attention, stimulating WP sales, at the same time also prove itself.

great spirit of all stripes have been drawn in other brand high-end machine naked, Microsoft’s flagship model has not been seen (Microsoft is a and a low-end models, and the current exposure is only the highest product positioning in the 1330, the company is, of course, there is another explanation is that Microsoft drip for high-end flagship really confidential work). But want to do a secret way too tight, in today seems to have been impossible. Microsoft’s flagship only exists in our imagination, we should not only ask, Microsoft WP 2015 flagship in where?

note: since Microsoft WP’s flagship 2015 still exists in our imagination, also allow me imaginative YY of 2015 WP’s flagship in my mind!

Microsoft 2015 WP’s flagship in my mind should be continued Lumia800 industrial design, covering 4.7 5.5 inches 2.5 D arc 1080 p (2 k) or IPS or Super AMOLED screen, equipped with 3900 mah battery, support rapid charging technology, with all metal color body, the whole thickness of 8.1 mm and below, qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 810 highest version processor, 4 g memory, running WP 10 64 – bit systems. Cortana more intelligent human nature, with the third generation PureView technology, equipped with 41 million pixels, support for optical image stabilization technology, the camera does not highlight (please look better projection), shooting techniques, seconds seconds remaining, solve the problem of camera flash light, white balance and so on; Support suspended touch, use the entity key, support fingerprint identification (please complete reference solution for apple); Pictures by its professional application, urban kaleidoscope, super sensitive touch, double-click the wake up function, map of urban kaleidoscope, Here, wireless charging technology, PureMotion + screen technology, screen display technology, an overview of the screen a nature also cannot little. As for if Microsoft can also add other black science and technology, and more sensors, natural love.

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