WP fans to Microsoft, we demand fair treatment, do not want to be marginalized.

(text/Lin Zhang)

believe that a lot of WP fans have such feeling, the Microsoft WP is more and more disappointed, not because of WP is becoming more and more weak. On the contrary, WP in development step by step. For home WP disappointed because Microsoft will WP marginalized, earning execution strategy while ignore the feelings of their users. Microsoft WP set to the user can’t catch the heart of the system. But a heart can’t catch the user’s system can have a future? Every time I think of Microsoft, this could have on a par of iOS system is its kill, not from sad to, blood boil.

before wrote a article, personally think that Microsoft scolded it is not as; The second is digging holes; 3 it is slow, idea strange; Four is the product name frequently; Five is marginalized their platforms, ignoring the user caused by psychological feelings. Today, under, Microsoft, in its “first” mobile first, cloud strategy framework, in a series of action: whether march release Office for the device, or the Office recently announced that free and open to edit the function such as for iOS and Android devices, is to win a slice of capital market, Microsoft shares soaring, recently is to surpass exxon mobil as the world’s second largest valuable company, the company announced the official twitter all WP 8 handset can be upgraded to Win10 for Phone. New head to show us a picture of a thriving scene. Perhaps Microsoft’s inaction, dig a hole, we can temporarily be put down. As a member of the Microsoft camp, originally should be like big’s rush; But as a WP users, is busy behind countless lonely, mixed into miscellaneous, why? Because enjoy the feast to another is not our, but apple and Android users, we have forgotten in the corner by Microsoft.

the forgotten in the corner, you could say that is the real reason or Microsoft’s strategic priorities, but who is the real reason? Microsoft is certainly shall have primary responsibility. Microsoft did it himself a bad example, blame.

we all know, every official application of ecological is a banner, is a lead, Portland, it will guide the developers, in accord with characteristics of the system under to make good application to ecosystem services. At first, but Microsoft is doing the opposite, in their own platform, award-winning some classic demonstration was a little bit off, and push the rest of the trash layers were piled up. As a result, Microsoft’s service experience is the best in the iOS devices, and on the WP, many are difficult to talk about experience, you in addition to endure only wait. Microsoft this marginalized behavior of WP platform, is gives developers enough hint – for WP platform application development need not spend energy, caocao to do a line, not worth it in the first place to enjoy the latest WP platform of the best software? ! Such behavior, then how do you convince Microsoft application developers to develop high-quality goods for WP, WP for the first time to bring the latest and greatest application? ! Without good application of ecosystems, can be competitive? !

in Della era, Microsoft will be a bad example of WP system further marginalization. You can on the iOS device used specifically for the adaptation of the latest Microsoft Office, enjoy a free editing functions; The WP user but do not know to date; You can use the latest update on iOS SKype, OneNote, and rarely on the WP what experience. This has created a great irony.

although each choice of WP against Microsoft ecosystem should be made certain psychological preparation, although Microsoft WP ecological after years of development, has made certain progress, more and more developers began to pay attention to and add to the platform, more and more work also can login the WP system at the same time. But compared with the iOS and Android, are still large gaps. Microsoft in the mobile terminal is still trapped in a vicious cycle of weak ecological system, we can also continue to put up with your various imperfect, pretend to high cold to defend you. But we will never accept Microsoft this oversight, marginalized the discriminatory behavior of their users, we don’t angry “poor” and injustice. The idea that as long as do cross-platform, Microsoft can carry out the strategy, and more and don’t respect their own platform user behavior. I don’t know how long we WP users can also endure, can love you how long? Always feel that one day I will leave, never approach.

in mobile ecological competition today, even tough such as apple, also had to bow to the user, work hard to meet user needs, in order to attract more users to enter their ecology. And Microsoft in the hope of another platform, hope, hamstringing for their users did not show the slightest respect user experience, but it is a subtropical high cold, for Microsoft mobile would be negative, why?

1. user experience is more of a psychological experience

since the iPhone was born, the user experience the word seems to have almost been chewed. I think the user experience, not only represents the operation of the intuitive feeling, is the deep psychological feelings, deep feelings are selected by the user. So we select a ecological, a product, sometimes not because the ecology, how perfect products, more is to want to in this ecological to identify, satisfy their psychological need. This needs to be mobile phone manufacturer is called “differentiation”. Because of this differentiation, we will choose the WP in iOS, Android, WP system, because he has a dynamic magnet, he can provide you with productivity, providing Cortana; Will happily choose nokia in WP system again, because he can provide besides WP characteristics of extreme photo, there is a map of HRER, have the feelings of persistence, can make you different, in this platform meet you differentiation pursuit.

but as nokia’s departure, Della, the implementation of opening-up strategy, Office, OneNote, OneDirve, Bing on iOS and Android, (rumors Cortana will log in iOS and Android), such differentiation is lost. Microsoft this underestimate the psychological needs of people’s behavior, the for this in terms of weak WP ecology, Microsoft still have what can attract users? What makes Microsoft lets users watch for you, for you to leave? The psychological feeling, don’t respect user is not a tough guardian but desperate to escape. Borrow Su Xun hexarchy-theory a word: six burst, not soldiers, war is not good, the disadvantages in the approach of the qin dynasty. Liability of the qin dynasty and power loss, bust also.

2. sponsor, end without control; On its soil, be oneself hard

open strategy, implementation, want to expand productivity to each platform, provide consistent experience for users of different platform, use software to occupy the major ecological, think that as long as the user, so the software is also inseparable from Microsoft, want to broken. This strategy is looks good, but is fraught with worry, because Microsoft for iOS and Android is not control; Without control, means that no matter who you are, you are in another system can only be “sponsor”, the two sides and can be polite, but if the two sides’, then the side having the control at any time you can be out of the door. Business have no forever friends, who are likely to be the next seconds into the enemy because of the conflict of interest.

although apple CEO cook had to send twitter welcome Office in iOS ecosystem, but maybe cook just put the words in half. When meet the interests of the apple, he can send welcome you, but if the interests of the touch apple a day, maybe it will be unceremoniously apple will you out the door. For no control platform of Microsoft, maybe small ice is tencent’s warning.

we see apple Google Microsoft slightly the big three, you’ll find they are surface, competition anxiety and the Microsoft Office, OneDirve, OneNote, Bing, etc into another ecological, vested interests to compete for apple Google, for Microsoft is a kind of enterprising, but for apple and Google’s invasion, imagine apple valley song association for Microsoft laissez faire? These products on the apple Google domain of Microsoft will repeat itself again small ice on tencent plot?

so is still need to own hard while the iron is hot, to expand their soil, can only rely on their own control of weapons to attack. And Microsoft control always only in Windows ecological, ready, only its own real Microsoft platform to WP ecological become bigger and stronger, to secure to open its soil.

finally want to say to, is: implementation strategy we agree, but we are firmly opposed to their own platform marginal behavior, we ask for fair treatment. Microsoft, the world outside is good, but please don’t linger, you should always go back to see their own scenery. Our user is poor, is also a terrible; Said poor, because you give us a respect, daoshanhuohai can you endure; Its terrible, because we choose will determine your destiny.

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