Workflow: enhanced IFTTT, automating tedious operation

cloud network hunting note: a new application called Workflow can be said to be the most powerful automation efficiency of artifact, it broke the powerful OS X and iOS gap between the convenient. By providing planning and custom workflow, this application allows you to on the iPhone or the implement as automation – and you may have never thought of. For example, as long as your fingers gently, can bring a Uber drive you to the next meeting.

this is for any developer an ambitious career, however, make the Workflow more perfect is two outstanding youth. They are particularly eager to mobile devices can be strong as much as possible.

a lot of computing is moving to mobile phone and tablet.” Workflow co-create Ari Weinstein said in an interview. “People on these devices use software far less on the desktop with less capable.” In DeskConnect (a iOS and OS X 8 Yosemite before application, its working principle is similar to apple’s Handoff) after being launched, is touched the Weinstein desire for the automatic operation. Then, still in high school Conrad Kramer also join in.

in January, Weinstein and Kramer in hacker marathon activities, created the first version of the Workflow within 48 hours. An apple is a sponsor of the activities. The two teens won the best iOS application of honor. Such recognition is great, but this is just a beginning.

they eventually won a Fellowship (Thiel Fellowship). The $100000 scholarship is not so easy to get, it established by Peter thayer, specifically for students under the age of 20, to support them to drop out of school for two years, do business or scientific research.

so Weinstein from dropping out of school at the Massachusetts institute of technology, Kramer also suspended their studies. Then they went to San Francisco to finish the subsequent development of Workflow. The application of the released its first fruits is their business.

“powerful automation make simple.” Is the slogan of the Workflow. Tested this app in the past few weeks, after, I can testify. Workflow allows you to quickly and easily create sophisticated activities, is better than a Mac before any of the automation tool.

when you open the application for the first time, there are many things you need to understand. Use it will be very complicated.

my personal favorite is “making dynamic figure GIF” workflow, by default, you just need to take some photos, then the application will automatically these photos series into the animated GIF, and can be saved to the camera in the film. Of course, you can download the entire application to make a GIF, but the function is just a small part of the function of Workflow.

Weinstein to me shows how to drag and drop a variety of activities to create your own workflows. I Shared in the form of the browser by inserting a page into PDF format file extension, and save it to the Dropbox. I carried out the “PDF” activities, add “scan” to preview the PDF files. Then, when I browse the web, I want to convert it to PDF format, just click the “run Workflow” extension line, the following things can be done automatically.

that sounds like to do a lot of action, and this is why Workflow is difficult to obtain network technology outside of the cause of the general public. Applications have so many things need to complete. And its developers hope that users can use the workflow to create custom applications, which makes life easier – for example, you can play to click on the icon Uber car, let it take you home.

Workflow initially supported notification center to form, but due to the limitation of apple, the form has been removed. Considering other application recently forced removes the widget from the app store, apple’s a decision that doesn’t seem to be a surprise.

“we waited a month and a half, I hope this small parts can be combined with again,” Weinstein said in the app store review process. “This decision is really frustrating.”

now that the Workflow has been approval, and in the app store for $2.99, so you need to overcome the biggest obstacle is the learning curve. The success of the application depends on the users to create their own workflow and share them, it’s similar to Alfred applications on Mac.

Workflow 1.0 is just the beginning of the developers on the iOS automation. Weinstein said with confidence, the application will only over time, and more and more useful.

“our long-term goal is to let the application accepted by ordinary people, and more practical.” He said.


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