Wonderful intelligent key, let you open a door with the APP access to buildings

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traditional solutions to entrance guard management needs a lot of, usually with IC CARDS, keys, or fingerprint, etc. And what do you want to be second pocket, let people can use the key, using a mobile phone APP to unlock the door.

of course, the second pocket provides a complete intelligent key solutions, by the cloud service management platform, entrance guard controller and mobile phone app of three parts. Its founder Lin goes to tell hunting cloud network, the usage scenarios of second pocket mainly located in village access management, company entrance guard management. Advantage is added in the existing entrance guard environment better pocket hardware module, can open a door with wonderful pocket mobile phone APP. Without changing the original entrance guard function, also won’t affect the original security system, and the common magnetic card, key can use, so as to avoid the occasional failure problem of other solutions.

at present the second pocket products using S – RFC radio frequency technology, compared with NFC, WiFi, bluetooth, sound waves, qr code, such as various wireless communication mode, with is not dependent on the network environment, the technology of low cost, easy to use, safe and reliable, widely applicable, etc.

here to read the second pocket intelligent key function of three parts:

1, the management platform, through the management platform for building community, each unit doors, garage entrances for background authorization, increase or decrease the user, user time limit, such as data import and export management effectively. Managers can also send notification to the user information, such as the property to the owner directional property services, community activities, such as weather forecast, cost pay information.

2, entrance guard controller: installation within the existing electronic entrance guard system receiver, receiving phone access requests from users, and a detailed record of the user access to information in each time period.

3, mobile phone APP: download “wonderful” client via smartphones, administrator access authorization to issue to the mobile phone, after the user access door is used when the APP to open the door. (local wisdom village life information and an entrance)

s pocket at present mainly using two kinds of people, one kind is ordinary users need to open the door, is another entrance guard administrator. Intelligent entrance guard system can make the entrance guard administrator rapidly to temporary in and out of the “card” management for people and vehicles, to facilitate the administrator to grant, management and monitoring. And wonderful pocket APP also has a “one card” function, property management can be through the system of public activity facilities, temporary storage facilities and Courier charge carriers electronic key etc for a short time.

team: founder Lin camus is intermediate economist, has many years experience and company management business, and understand the development of the Internet of things. Chief scientist zhi-gong wang, Dr Hong ruhr university in Germany, by the ministry of education Yangtze river scholars distinguished professor, achievement award, national returned people returned overseas Chinese outstanding honorary title. Chief architecture ShiSun dragon, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Ph.D., mainly engaged in service-oriented software technology, distributed computing and system research work. Deputy general manager Ceng Xianwen, southeast university, PhD, 85. During the period of school has won the first prize in the international mathematical contest in modeling, electronic design competition first prize. Have rich experience in project development and control.

now, entrance guard management is the important part in the construction of digital community, the smartphone has become people’s main carry items, if you can provide a solution of mobile phone to open the door, and satisfy the advantage of low cost, convenient use, really be universal. Camus told Lin hunting cloud network, now better pocket has officially launched, intelligent key system has several communities in hangzhou install and use.

wonderful pocket intelligent key management system
Company: hangzhou bolian intellectual core technology co., LTD.

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