Women entrepreneurs want to catch up with the male three necessary conditions

women company rising trend, but they don’t like men run a company like a duck to water. Let’s and hunting cloud network editor you take a look at how to change this phenomenon.

discussion of gender pay gap issue has lasted for a long time, but when people talk about the topic of business men and women, the answer to the people, ideas are different.

company male and female company, compared to the former are more likely to more than $1 million in sales; At the same time, in the business of this billion-dollar company sales amount, the former is 3.5 times of the latter. According to Ernst & young (Ernst & amp; Young: it’s one of the largest professional services firm in the greater China region) released a report in 2014, women run the company, only 2% of the break through 1 million sales performance. “The rate of female entrepreneurship is twice that of men, but only a few can the company to achieve a certain scale.” Kerrie MacPherson said in an interview. He Ernst & young (Ernst & amp; Young) key partners, mainly responsible for ernst & Young looking for successful women business plan, selected 12 year promising female business leaders.

the back of the digital

the cause of the gender inequality has a lot of. One of the reasons is that female business is mostly some small businesses, and mostly concentrated in the service sector, this type of less revenue itself. According to the Commerce Department reported that 30% of the private enterprises are run by women, but their sales accounts for only 11% of total sales, and there are 13% of the business are in their own private place.

the report also shows that women are more inclined to start a business with less capital, it is different from men, men are often the liability business. The report also pointed out: “their entrepreneurial ideas, more that they don’t need a lot of money to start their business.” Many people think they are low cost, small enterprises, does not need the extra cash; But the truth is that only 2.7% of the risk investment company CEO are women. This shows that women doing enough in this aspect, there is much more room for progress.

look for successful business Women Program (The Winning participants in The Program) is designed to change this kind of gap between men and Women, and to help more Women The rapid growth of enterprises, to find The key to solve The problem.

can run without you team

S ‘well, the founder of Sarah Kauss, built a reusable insulated stainless steel water bottles. She created a team, to her to expand the scale of the company from home to New York, has a huge impact. Kauss were selected from 12 this year the company one of the women. She started four years ago ‘S well, just a year and a half ago, the company’s employees from the original 6 people increased to 25 people. “This year, truly feel the company is a company that has a great potential for development, and is no longer an emerging small start-ups.” She said in an interview.

how do you achieve this shift? “You must adapt to everything you do,” she said in an interview. The beginning of every business, is a huge challenge – whether male or female – but, in terms of women’s operating companies, they began to run the company is very small, the company’s growth is hampered by large, because no one else could you help them take all responsibilities of the company. “You have to work, not just business,” MacPherson said in an interview, “this is for their own to build a team, that they can ensure that business at run time, the performance is in constant growth.”

do better than you imagined

set an ambitious target for the company’s long-term development. Are in growth stage companies “want to far, high target,” MacPherson said in an interview. However, women generally put the company’s growth target of 30%, if she had enough money and vigorously support, she will put the growth target of 100% or 100%. Looking for successful women plan can help business contact potential investors, and founded his own board – this is a women want to run your own company two of the most important factors.

Phyllis Newhouse is Xtreme, founder of the Solutions, IT is a focus on the ethical hacking IT services company, to find a way of achieving company goals is really a big challenge. Last year, Newhouse drafted by looking for successful business women, her company’s size, from the beginning only 400 employees to 400 employees, the company also need to find a method of rapid growth. “It looks very scary,” Newhouse said in an interview. Her military career is 22 years, she had never been in such a short time to achieve such a great goal – to build a global company. Newhouse by Ernst & young (Ernst & amp; Young) successful business plan women at this opportunity, told people she business decisions.

community resources

like looking for successful business women plan of network platform, in fact, many networks for millions of dollars worth of assets of the company’s business women to provide a platform, let them to share each other’s business resources. “This will make women’s top business leaders more” lonely “, “MacPherson said in an interview. A community support, alone can’t improve a lot of help for women business company. “They also need to do business with others,” MacPherson said in an interview, “they have become the industry leader.”


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