With this watch, you can put the child on my “in”

this Christmas, Santa Claus will put smart watch on the children’s socks? And that is Filip Technologies expected, because of his recent AT& T store and ATT website, with a discount price of $99.99, introduced a tailor-made for the children FiLIP 2 smart watches. This watch, is essentially to wear on your wrist a small smart phones, is also the first generation and for the child to achieve one of the wearable product batch production. And earlier, the company also provides the same device of the old version is FiLIP.

although I haven’t tried to her children, but such a large watch to wear on children thin wrist after a period of time, they will feel uncomfortable. On them, however, put on some devices, than to tell them to remember carrying mobile phones, more meaningful. Because the children often forget things, losing things, while a wearable device would not have these problems.

in other words, although some heavy, with easy change of the enclosure, two large buttons and a variety of can choose the color of the smart watch is lovely. In case of emergency, the kids can press one button, until it touches automatic locator beacon, a tip records the surrounding environment, and then automatically to the previous existence FiLIP 2 watches on the first number of calling and texting. If the person such as mom and dad, there is no reply, smart watch will begin immediately call others in contact list, one at a time, until someone answered the phone.

the parents can also be like home, school, playground and neighbourhood “security zone” (that is, the geographic fence), and when the children in and out of the area, will receive alarm prompt. Watch on intelligent positioning function can also continue to track the location of the child and by GPS, GSM and joint use of wi-fi realize location on the map.

in addition to the above security features, this device has a daily function, namely FiLIP 2 smart watch can like a mobile phone to call on the phone. Parents can be set on the device in advance for children five number, let they can call on the phone. When necessary, the children can scroll the screen, find the contacts, and then press the button, call them.

at the same time, the device can be configured to accompany mobile applications and, in turn, control it, in fact, the mobile applications can be and FiLIP FiLIP 2 common and the latest models. According to Filip Technologies, a new generation of smart watch has improved durability, replace the redesign can be closed band, and the appearance, have more colors to choose from.

and FiLIP smartphones that matches the iOS app has been upgraded, but the new Android application to appear until the end of the year.

this watch, now is the selling price of $99.99, but after the holiday, promotional activities will be stopped, will eventually to the retail price of $149.99.

FiLIP 2 try to fill this, when children are too young to can’t go out alone to play, and gave them the first mobile phone too early time gap. Filip Technologies, Filip 2 is designed for children under the age of 11 products.

of course, give the child to wear such as FiLIP 2 electronic equipment is a controversial decision. After all, there are a lot of parents want to let the children have a “more freedom, less care” of childhood. But thanks to the Internet, news channel, and about 24/7 of violent crime and sexual assaults against some of the sensitive, let us know that the world seems more scary than in the past – even if the truth is, over the years, the incidence of violent crime has fallen.

now parents worry about the children’s safety problem, however long sight at home, when their children with special needs, can not help but want to ask, whether the convenience of such equipment as FiLIP 2 is better than his shortcomings, namely can’t let the children never contact real independence, even 20 minutes of independent ride around the block to expect. This is every parents must make the choice, and no one can be easily evaluated.


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