With money and technology, Volvo borrows the intelligent vehicle system “born again”

Los Angeles recently hosted the Los Angeles auto show, most of the big carmakers are participating in the exhibition held a press conference in 30 minutes, displaying the latest car or announced a new strategy of the company. For car enthusiasts, the auto makers are always focus on horsepower and design, rather than the on-board system and mobile compatibility, as well as their computing power. But some auto makers are looking at the future, the development center of gravity shifted to on the phone’s compatibility and computing power on-board entertainment function of information system and experience.

Volvo in the XC90 seven SUV series products are introduced at the launch of its information entertainment center and the console. (audi and Honda is also one of the few to promote new car internal technical advantages of automobile manufacturers.) As Volvo spokesman said, Volvo, vigorously promote information entertainment center because Volvo is in a special stage in the process of “rebirth”. Although many automobile manufacturers in the after ten years has experienced a decline of is trying to reinvent themselves, but behind Volvo has plenty of financial support for Chinese carmaker geely.

new money into effect is gradually began to emerge in the Volvo plans after 2015. Company invested a lot of resources used to make a small and three turbine engine power strong, and adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance system (once the speed of less than 30 miles per hour, this mechanism will automatically start).

but Volvo also invested a dedicated resource to develop 9.3 in the center console with touch screen and the host with internal application for car, the hardware configuration in Volvo XC90 and expected to 2015 listed the model of the car. Volvo logistics engineer Sebastian Percival, said the company is committed to building can be used in small cars calculation control hardware.

let’s take a look at the first Volvo XC90 is configured. The original Numbers for B8444S V8 engine, power is great, the acceleration of 0-100 km/h just 7.3 seconds. And its new anti roll stabilization system RSC by rotary detector, can calculate the speed of heeling in advance and side Angle and limit Angle and the tumbling risk, to seize control of the engine to reduce the power, for the related wheel braking, increasing understeer stability returns.


Volvo always adhere to the concept of safety first, USES the exhaust of engine, set aside larger space, so that we can guarantee the safety of the people inside the car during collisions. Is different, the engine USES 60 degree Angle, and in reverse to offset the balance shaft vibration, coupled with aluminum alloy material, so the weight is lighter, fuel consumption is greatly reduced, and waste emissions to the five standards, is currently on the market only able to achieve near zero emissions V8 engine.

Volvo’s director of interaction design Mikael Gordh, points out that how the driver in the process of driving to interact with the control center, carmakers have done a lot of thinking and innovation.

, for example, in a car Volvo design, between the steering wheel and instrument drivers have a direct view of the display Area named “New Area” on the right side of the center console has a “Whenever Area” display Area. All important information will appear in the “Now” Area, secondary information is displayed in the “Whenever Area”.

Now Area includes a digital instrument, the digital instrument provides standard speed, speed, etc., but it can also display each of the vehicle steering data. Volvo also allows users to choose their own skin, this will be the most unique part of the automotive landscape, but such as Nvidia and Delphi supplier think it will be in a few years a new industry standards. Your skin will be slightly affected the design style of the center console.

like most new cars, the electricity will be displayed in this area, so that the driver quickly choose to answer or ignore.

the physical buttons on the steering wheel to the driver while driving in the transforming inferior like music and weather information to this area.

on-board tablet

in Whenever Area Area, things will become more interesting. As we mentioned before, Volvo with landscape placed most of the 9.3 -inch touch screen to replace the center console, along with some of the less obvious physical buttons and wheel.

maybe you will feel like the Tesla’s style, but Gordh constantly stressed that this choice is random, is not affected by Tesla. Volvo says, about how to best to instrument panel layout, they made a lot of research.

Gordh think the other is equipped with a touch screen center console car than Volvo: “touch screen is the only choice, even if you are with gloves or a long nail can be used.”

is low and wide carmakers like display does not support the list view, want to know whether the navigation or media choices, consumers in the process of driving the main processing are list. That’s why Volvo choose landscape tablet.

the combination of touch screen and physical buttons also means that the front-seat passengers can not interfere with the driver navigation view under the condition of using physical button to turn off the music. (Tesla is by allowing the split screen view to solve this problem.)

control screen run Volvo exclusive software is Sensus, even in this system, there are Now Area or Whenever the concept of the Area. The screen is divided into several blocks, when one piece of a display information, the other will be hidden in the background in the view. According to Volvo, navigation will be on the top, because this is the most important in the process of the driving information is provided by Nokia (map). Here is the media module, below is some additional information. At the bottom of the screen shown in the article static weather control. The whole layout reflects the driver while driving the length of time focus on specific information.

in the forthcoming XC90, support CarPlay, and Android Auto will log in with in the near future. When mobile phone connected to the car, Sensus can open a module, and the rider to steer by this module with apple or Google navigation.

the car also comes with an application, through this application, you can check the fuel quantity, check whether the car locked the door and remote control switch. If too little fuel, you can search for gas station. If you are on the road on the way to use the application, it can automatically record the length of the journey. If you need to submit an expense account when you travel or declare dutiable goods or spend some mileage, this feature is very useful.

although there are some interesting improvement, but there are some of the things that we don’t know. For example, who made this software? Support touch screen, instrument, and adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance system, such as processing power is what kind of? Support the Sensus function of connection is what kind of? Volvo is the avoidance measures to these problems.

for software, Gordh can reveal Volvo from a line suppliers bought the operating system, Volvo made many applications are based on this. Volvo seems to be aware of at least relative to the unsalable, the auto industry updates will occur more frequently. Gordh said some updates can be updated online, but those important update or recalled.

when it comes to online update, the team had said in October that Volvo in 2015, plans to launch its V60 series car will have 6 months free AT& T 3 g connection, and in the six months after the consumer can choose whether to buy a data network plan. But Gordh, said about the XC90 data network plan details in the car will not be revealed until launch. Somebody hopes that this kind of cars in the new agreement will add 4 g connection.

Percival said, however, when use this car will not consume a large amount of network data. He said: “our handling of the connection service is designed to not use them too much (waste) data. If you want to, you can put the car as a wi-fi hot spots.”

although before becoming a leader in the field of automotive technology, these problems still need to be solved, but the user is more concerned with driving. Gordh predicted that the future every car navigation, media function, as well as some form of connection. But can achieve perfect is a great challenge.

he said: “although the function of the different brands of on-board system will be the same, but the user experience is absolutely reveal personality charm and one of the important conditions to attract users.”

Source: Ars

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