With LapLock, you lost 10000 yuan worth of Mac will never!

Laplock is held in London TechCrunchDisrupt Hackathon event win a accounts for the application of small memory, after a long marathon programming, the software will be put into use. In the past 24 hours, Martin Saint – Macary and Ivan Maeder hard-working for Mac anti-theft lock designed a simple and useful applications. Below show, how it works.

essence, Laplock is you like the menu bar on the Mac application. You install it first, then enter your mobile phone number or yukio okamoto, account, and this is done. After installation, no matter when you put the notebook cover, where the computer down, once someone pull out your computer’s power supply, speaker will immediately alert, your phone will be immediately notified.

notification may be a simple message or yukio okamoto, a word. If you don’t receive SMS, it will call you right away. In fact, behind that has two hackers use Nexmo API in the management of these notifications.

programming Maeder is the first time to participate in the marathon event, and Saint – Macary’s team, held in Berlin before at runner-up in the Hackathon event. They met at the appointed place before, committed to the development of the application.

“it feels super good, because you in 2 days time, day and night, with all my heart to do one thing.” Maeser said in an interview, “you wouldn’t normally do that.”

I suggest him to go to sleep, he also only get two chairs together, as far as possible to sleep a few hours can work together. He said in an interview: “programming marathon activities, feel like a really kept working in the office for ten consecutive days”.

now, when I saw him, I think he’s done everything is worth it, after this interview, I would not hesitate to install the application. You can immediately on Laplock website to download the app, and that your download in apple store is the same.

well done! The young man. A good rest.


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