With food taken: focus on food photography into the network to film industry

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at present, the Internet vertical niche business usher in the golden period of development, the trend is more segmentation more strong. With the reduction of the Internet startup for more people to realize the entrepreneurial dream of space, but how can you stand out in the mighty entrepreneurial force, is a problem worthy of entrepreneurs to take time to precipitate.

Wang Yikun, Beijing film academy professional photographers, accident from a photography our friends in the QQ group cofco day cat get online store food, it is pointed out the development direction of the experience for him, decided to “take over” self-employed, do food. With focus on food photography services, electricity, food demand for market entry point, adhere to the concept of “just do good food”, innovation in different categories of food for the shooting method is designed. Web site taken with food, pure and fresh and natural, contracted and delicate, background, composition and color, are struggling to pursue a kind of visual balance, bring the visitor’s gourmet tour more imagination. Founder Wang Yikun convective cloud network, “return to nature of photography, photos and quality is fundamental, so for each food picture, color, decoration, lighting, supervise, Angle is very exquisite.”

with food service group is all kinds of food suppliers, dealers, electric business platform, service projects include Chinese and western dishes, leisure, rice flour, dry goods, fruits and vegetables fresh and so on eight major food categories and cutlery, restaurants and other food products, shooting method integrating traditional printing and electronic business demand, innovation in all food as possible scenarios, collocation, props, shooting position and Angle are derived, choose and match by the customer. With food market demand oriented, simple and intuitive online order, through the demand analysis, value-added options, after three link, formed a complete service chain with food shoot photography.

the film with the food on the filming process, divided into the following three steps, first, the user taken in with food web site home page select video to food category, choose collocation shooting style and categories, taken by filling customer service in the list and sign the contract; Second, based on customer demand to choose its own shooting method, also can click on the recommended method for electricity or “catalogues/recommend shooting method”; Third, the offline photos, along with the feed will shoot at a predetermined time send photos to the user provide email to order. Along with the food take the way of pricing is “calculated on shooting method”, according to user needs to photograph the size and quality of the final price. If customers are not satisfied with photos, along with the feed can be remade for free, Wang Yikun tell, “but only violating shot list, and contract requirements, photo quality have serious problems, and so on and so forth.”

Wang Yikun know that no one photographer can meet all the needs of customers, from the date of creation, just open the door, keep good relationship with the industry many well-known photographer, trying to get more talents gather together, at the same time on the shooting method design, let the customer Suggestions to participate, greatly improve the effect of photo shoots and efficiency. Based on feed with taps creative method and the layout of the humanization, service the cofco, Mars, traditional food companies such as rice fragrant village, wilderness and jingdong supermarket, Tmall supermarkets, the optimal motion, Tuo Tuo clubs and other professional food and electricity, the cumulative taken food has more than 3000 kinds, has obtained the good market feedback.

it is understood that the network industry is an emerging industry, the company which you are engaged in the racquet around 15000, and from the point of operation, the majority taking professional vertical line of business. On the market and the food there must be, made a similar product but back-to-basics, picture originality and effect is the racquet industry’s survival. “With the feed will enhance shoot link of related services, increase the community function, with food viscosity users; At the same time with the food has started to help small and medium-sized producers to sell the goods, in the future, don’t rule out the possibility to enter the field of electricity.” Wang Yikun finally said.

with the food take

time: 2011


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