With DrinkMate, police can you drunk levels using a mobile phone

can be inserted into the smart phone, used to increase the built-in sensors with smart devices, is gradually open the market, and a large audience. Now there’s a aims to expand the equipment of the Android smartphone capabilities to the forthcoming. This kind of miniature breath test called DrinkMate drunk, is looking for $40000 of investment on Kickstarter, plan to officially listed in December.

this paragraph 1.8 inches long device is designed to be inserted into the micro USB driver interface. The user to its semiconductor sensor, after you exhale through application and binding, can display the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level. DrinkMate don’t need a puff port, users just need to blow air inlets. This design can ensure its compact design and equipment health.

we had seen drunk expiratory test device based on smart phones — Alcohoot is suitable for the iPhone. But compared with the heavy Alcohoot DrinkMate more and more cheap.

the company claims that the product is still in prototype stage, BAC measurement error of the level in the plus or minus 0.01%. DrinkMate sensors measure the highest degree of 0.20% BAC, if you’ve drunk is unlikely to use this tool, that you also don’t have to look for your car keys.

in addition to the accuracy grade, DrinkMate can perform well in the real environment also for inspection, especially when the wine strength is still in, the user may not be able to follow the best test program. A good supporting application can avoid the user into erroneous zone. , for instance, to ensure that users in the drink wait long enough after use, so that you can avoid inaccurate ratings or misinterpreted.

DrinkMate manufacturer said, the first idea is that the device as a method of pressure for drinkers, and produce a visible can share the BAC, so as to ensure the safety of drinkers.

although composed of position sensor and exercise/hardware more mainstream sensors are embedded into the handset, but more like DrinkMate BAC analyzer has professional targeted sensor hardware supplement smartphones and constantly produce.

DrinkMate currently provided to Kickstarter supporters price for $25.

after the hardware tested compatible Android devices:

Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and

Samsung Galaxy Note 3


the Motorola Moto X

the Asus Transformer Prime, Infinity

the manufacturers say they are ready to develop the iPhone version, but have to wait until the raise in the Kickstarter by activity after success.

as of press time, they have raised $40000 in half, and now and then there were 25 days.


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