With Beijing, into China to know intelligence giant mobile App Annie

Update: App Annie China public relations manager just to clarify cloud network: hunting App Annie will not sell the user’s data. They all charge data is estimates, estimation is the foundation of the public’s App store ranking data, authorized data and App Annie own algorithm.

the global headquarters in San Francisco’s App Annie, is mainly engaged in business is to help developer and publisher of content tracking application sales, download, ranking and reviews, etc., is a popular application analysis and market data provider, is also a mobile application and the era of digital content industry leaders in data analysis. Since founded in 2010, from the application of the free market database Srore Stats to analysis services Analystics, from Advertising integrated Advertising platform data Analystics paid to high-end data to estimate the Intelligence service, the App Annie products emerge in endlessly, remarkable achievements. World’s top 100 iOS mobile application publisher, 90% are using App Annie in service; The tracking statistics the number of applications has more than 600000; Registered users more than 170000 people; Such as total income of more than $17 billion.

as CEO of App Annie, Bertrand Schmitt number of electronic devices have sometimes also can let he himself can’t count. Even in the interview process, Schmitt also carry three different intelligent device: a device mini, an Android machine and a new cell phone looks like WP system.

, he solemnly explained: “because of our work is the application of these systems in tracking and analysis, etc., so I think the machines equipped with at least one each operation platform is very be necessary. Such as with Windows tablet Surface Pro, with Mac OS X Lion MacBook Pro, and so on other tablets, mobile phones and tablets and fusion of transboundary Phablets products. Is that at least I convince my wife.”

Schmitt is a native majored in three languages French, but married to Taiwan after his wife choose permanent in China for several years. This also is he had to choose to create one of the reasons why the App Annie in Beijing. But Schmitt recently moved to San Francisco, also set up the App Annie’s headquarters in San Francisco. Although Beijing east eight area and west eight district of San Francisco sent nearly 16 hours, but Schmitt seemed to be able to adapt to such time: even in Beijing time late for an interview, he can still busy in the office in the United States east coast.

Beijing, cheap and high quality workforce

Schmitt busy, while his App Annie has travelled all over the world.

in the near future, the App Annie and Facebook applications for mobile marketers provide third party analysis, in order to let them know yourself on the amount of advertising on the user access Facebook (or application installed capacity). And a successful example proves that even if the App Annie is not applied data analysis, the only industry leader, at least, is also a leader first choice among the people.

App Annie publishers offer free of cost benefit analysis for mobile application, in turn, Annie from publishers also harvest a lot of user data; Sell these data to several large mobile publishers, vc firms, hedge funds and Internet platforms, back and forth to the App Annie get tens of thousands of dollars in annual revenue.

in those founded in Beijing – and even the whole China, start-ups, like App Annie so little success. In itself, however, the heart of silicon valley start-up company fortune 6000 miles away in Beijing, it is crucial for App Annie really.

from the Schmitt’s own words: “most of the engineering development company is in Beijing, Beijing as the beginning of a series of work is an advantage.”

so said the reason is that the cost of hiring a good engineer in San Francisco as much as six figures is usually one thing. So in Beijing? May only need to spend about $40000. It is very important for App Annie, let it even if you don’t like taxi application Uber has billions of bank account, can also like most start-ups, recruiting.

in fact, completed analysis of Facebook’s advertising support, the App Annie now only a global online advertising network and a leading mobile media need to deal with. Perhaps because refused to print justice, or perhaps because it began to set up their own ads network, App Annie have been implemented to support such, Google’s mobile advertising market, encouraging application in advertising platform like and AdColony, mobile advertising network company and Native home to about 20 X and other large network analysis of the advertising.

China, had to face the hard stuff

however, there is a single App Annie path “nuts” to gnaw: Twitter, before they can buy and Twitter listed MoPub online advertising network.

the outside world is strange why Twitter will slightly behind in this respect. In a study that suggests Twitter user retrieval effectiveness is much less than the Facebook, income is obviously. Because App Annie a core work is dial through the same analysis shows that mobile publishers corresponding profit and cost, so advertising network link is weak, the more likely they are to refuse to provide apis to App Annie, and this also leads to its easier to expose the weaknesses.

however, Schmitt does not agree with this view, he thought the technical challenge is the core issue of Twitter. At the same time, Schmitt also pointed out that Twitter may not as fragile as people imagine.

he said in an interview: “can only say that. First of all, Twitter as a company, the main focus on through MoPub advertising helps publishers to make money; Second, as a social news service, Twitter itself is more focused on strengthening the mobile user.”

although need App Annie his arms in the large network, Twitter is the last one, but there are still many regional AD networks do not intend to use the App Annie.

however, these regional advertising network for App Annie is also very important. As much as $25 billion worth of global mobile Internet companies have many are from Asia, China, South Korea, Japan is the world’s mobile stage heavyweight, and these Asian countries “mobile earnings growth is also higher than that of the United States.

App Annie’s business in the United States, about half, Japan and China, respectively, is the second and the third largest market – and it is rapid development. The App Annie has 120 employees in China only, so while it also on into Europe, but more important compared to Asia.


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