With a giant: talent want to talents, but the giant

cloud network hunting note: big competition in our era, the ability to attract talent of meaning is nothing less than a complete production line for the company. For small company technology industry, how to cherish talents from giant IT is need serious concern.

in our big competition era, the ability to attract talent of significance as a complete production line for the company.

all kinds of science and technology companies are competing for talent in the changing market, started the subtle and fierce fighting. Those once upon a time, however, hidden behind the scenes of tore heart to has come to the front, now, the competition for talent is in the IT industry competition, the center stage.

value innovation in the team’s core of competition in the industry still gave way to execution of the team, and the present, the composition of the team and the core competitive ability appears to be accumulated and talents. But Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and Apple industry giant continuously absorb the best talent, the smaller IT companies are constantly struggle with the human gap.

heyday, can bring numerous opportunities of jobs and bottomless budget, let those giants in the race for the complete outweighed the small businesses, they can easily attract people to any place they like. And those not in the “employment guidance” no small companies are often in a very high budget from the talents are welcome.

the practice proved that the IT industry to attract talent is the most important is a clear introduction to search scheme. Information is power, knowledge of search target can greatly increase the success rate of recruitment. Knowledge of recruitment information often can become successful in the end of the key factors. Why are they in for a job? A: what kind of job do they want? They were encouraged by what kind of goal? All the information is very important.

when doing the hiring of the most important is to know that you can use the resources and to maximize the value of their play. Negative process is often slow and big companies, while small businesses can be decisive rapid completion of the recruitment. When big companies rival plagued by various rules and regulations, small businesses can easily avoid these obstacles.

indeed, more benefits to large companies, to big company holiday is better, but small companies can provide for talent is decided to the direction of the company’s future growth opportunities. Indeed, the big company can provide a higher basic salary and bonus plan, but small companies can provide worth work to the old retirement plan. Indeed, the big company can provide attractive expenses and benefits, but small companies can provide the opportunity to influence the enterprise culture. Indeed, the big companies will provide a better office, but small companies can provide a better soft environment for office.

every advantage for large companies, as a small business you have to find counter point, each benefits for large companies, small businesses must provide better sweet project.

as a small business, you can not provide talents with a better deal than large companies, big companies have plenty of money, and are willing to spend on business development. This will require a small businesses really understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and to apply to a better understanding of their own in the hiring process.

founded, financing and market share in a small company is considered to be unstable. Is the sad fact is, the smaller the company, the greater the risk for employees, and big companies compete for top talent for the more difficult.

however, despite the seemingly insurmountable gap, if the head of the small business needs to focus on your goals and objectives are appreciated, and establish a good relationship with them based on this, then you the possibility of successful recruitment will be greatly increased. And if your goal is capriciously generous salary, took a fancy to a big company at this time should also ask yourself, is not such a man is his own real needs.

no matter you like it or not, you are in with Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and Apple industry giants compete for talent on the battlefield, giants are willing to do anything to protect their own victory, and you?


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