Wired magazine use digital media process and experience is worth reference in China

note: hunting cloud in the impact of the Internet, traditional media to digital media is hindering transition, how to come out a suitable for their own development path, the global media industry is in grope, as a veteran of wired magazine is one of the do is still good, the following article introduces the building process of digital products and experience, translated by tencent technology:

the full text is as follows:

about two years ago, wired magazine hired Hayley – Nelson (Hayley Nelson) served as director of product management. Soon after, she will introduce wired major revision.

if, there is a news agency should stand on the forefront of digital media development trend, then you may feel wired is the magazine. Wired is headquartered in San Francisco, is one of the first magazine to enter the field of digital media. As early as in 1994, it launched HotWired.com, its content and the print is completely different. The site’s founder, belong to the first to try to shape the digital news business the batch of pioneers.

but wired digital version of the road to development is not particularly smooth. In 1999, it was sold to Lycos company, and changed its name to “Wired News” (Wired News), but the results can be said to be little room for was. In 2006, already has a wired print Conde Nast (Conde Nast) group acquired it, after that, the wired digital version just ticked up gradually. But at this point, it is still running as an independent department. Print and digital editions of team work in different parts of the building.

in 2012, Scott da dickie (Scott Dadich) became the chief editor of wired magazine. The following year, da dickie recruited the magazine’s first ever product management director: hayley – nelson.

cross-platform management asset

“I just came, wired products division. What do you mean they do not know the product, “nelson said. “Product manager always need to do to you explain, for example,” I in technology, marketing and editing on the intersection between. I try to balance and coordinate the iron triangle, listen to everyone’s wish, everyone together to move forward together. ‘”

before nelson once worked in wired, the magazine has just started a few years. Later Nielsen to the Wharton school of business, the Johns Hopkins university, the Associated Press and AIG turned a circle, into the New York times, where he made seven years of product management, deals with business and technology projects include vertical section, the integration of the international herald BBS news and the New York times, etc. It was there that she met conde nast incumbent vice President of product development Chris Jones (Chris Jones). The latter finally persuade nelson returned to wired magazine.

get the real meaning of the product management, it may not be easy for journalists.

as a product manager just doing everyday?

break “print and digital paradigm”

wired to nelson, both is want her to integrate a digital version of the magazine and print, the work is carried out step by step, the process is rather complicated. But her first task was to build a capable team. In the bay area to recruit developers and designers is not an easy task, because compared with high-tech companies, a media company salary less competitive.

“when I get the job, I think, well, I need a project manager, also need a Web developer. Then web developers need someone’s boy. Let me take a look at the technical team and see if we have the right person? Results: no, we need to increase the four people, “nelson said. “So, for more than two years, our staff increased from four to eight, the leadership through an adjustment, also the introduction of new talent.”

retain talent is also a challenge, Nielsen tried to this challenge into their management strategies. Nelson, director of the engineer, for example, Catherine, who was (Kathleen Vignos) promoted to software engineer. Since then, d who, in training wired technical team culture has played an increasingly important role, and launched the new product sample project, nelson said, the move has won the admiration of the editorial team, editors begin to give more support development team.

when nelson induction, wired has offices in adjust the newsroom. Print and digital editions of editorial team is no longer their operations, but sitting together, shall be the responsibility of the editor in chief da dickie. In addition, print some of the famous writer has also in the digital version of the work.

“we promote the wired web production personnel, between the front-end designers and art exchanges,” nelson said. “Their daily meeting was held at the same time, now the time stagger, they can take part in the meeting each other.”

personnel problems solved, but the integration of the print and digital version of the content is more difficult. Wired to solve the problems of the agenda are not synchronized, because print magazine publishing a monthly period, and the website will publish new articles every day. In fact, all similar integrated publishing company need to solve this problem.

some of the writer came up with a new idea for solve this problem. For example, a senior writer matt HuoNan (Mat Honan) and others try to online reports, and after finishing it, published in the print again.

“with two very different pace, both at the same time, it takes a lot of effort,” he said. “I think, if who know when to do something, the effect will be better, so that everyone is not fault the deadline for print and digital version. But the schedule is still tight.”

HuoNan said, though he thinks he is iron Zhi, is both a digital version of the team members, and print the members of the team, but the editors are still used to think in terms of media, still have a lot of difference between the two. In Nielsen’s view, this is one of the don’t have much difference, she is trying to eliminate them.

“if our digital edition according to vertical organization, perhaps the editors will need to be responsible for the vertical reported across all platforms. This is we want to achieve one ultimate goal, “nelson said. “I think, in the end we will eliminate this according to the classification model of print and digital version, the content flow as the core.”

for now, the most wired print content is provided free of charge on the Internet, but not all of the content is suitable for on the Internet, that may mean that will lead to print some of the project was cancelled.

nelson said, she has been closely watching the New Yorker’s pay wall and integration work. This summer, the New Yorker magazine of the new website won plenty of praise. The revision of both technology and design changes, also temporarily removed the pay wall. The New Yorker readers as free issue tracking activities, focus on understanding the visitor will read many articles in a month. This data is used to develop the New Yorker in November launch of metering pay walls.

it is generally believed that the New Yorker’s it a success. On the day of the new pay walls of the magazine’s home page flow continues to grow. To this, “fast company” published an article called “the New York people finally understand the Internet”. David Remnick (David Remnick) in an interview in November, the magazine in the management and edit conde nast success partly to blame.

“every magazine, conde nast’s personnel are responsible for the product, so we communicate with each other – you tried this? You used the tools? Do you know this supplier? Product belonging to different magazine staff share a lot of experience and lessons, “she said.

if wired to follow the footsteps of the New Yorker, launched after the edition correction measurement pay walls, it is not surprising. Nielsen said, that might happen sometime in the first half of 2015.

agile management

“I get that job, Scott said: so, where we start? I looked at the site, said the investment is small, effective great place to start? You need to provide a new mobile experience, to do the photo wall, because it looks terrible now, a little don’t see people, “she said. “In the first year, we do another thing, is to move from 17 different blog content moved in together, this is a huge backend project, we call it” Pangea (Pangea) “.

this site was cofound HotWired, in the current year was divided into many different “brands”, many of which is located in the wired digital version of the backend on different templates. All these content moved to an interoperable content management system (specific is to use the WordPress) is very difficult.

“we tried to put the emphasis on narrow a little bit, on the six key categories. Part of decision making is to rely on intuition, part to hear the comments from the user testing.”

nelson said, when she was dealing with problems, and will put them into different categories: immediacy, weekly, and long-term project. Immediate problems including website goes down, the need to deal with bugs and regular maintenance, etc. The team used Trello software for project management. Every day at noon, they will open a standup (standup meeting, everyone stood at a meeting, avoid unnecessary lengthy discussion) to discuss progress.

in wired magazine, Nielsen’s title belongs to the technical category. Her management style is derived from the agile management (gile management) this is a software product. But as a director of product management, one of her main task is to focus on is the contact point between all parts of the magazine. In the New York times, she spent a long time in editorial department, so she can flow freely and the editor of wired communication. She has a business background (graduated Wharton mba), so communicate with sales staff is no obstacle.

although in a few years ago, wired print sales fell, but nelson said, digital version of the advertising sales at conde nast group has been leading the way. “We are a group of digital advertising sales champion, part of the reason is that we adjust measures to local conditions, the high-tech industry advertisers in fashion and beauty before advertisers,” she said. And “fashion”, “” or” GQ “compared to the other conde nast magazines such as wired’s advertisers earlier also use the video ads.

in 2013, wired launch Amplifi, it is a custom designed for brand digital advertising, video studio, micro sites and activities. In addition, the magazine also offers can be hot article links and social media advertising units.

in the field of advertising technology, another influence on the wired magazine is the concept of visibility (viewability), it still in the development of a standard, refers to an advertisement in, there should be at least 50% of the parts can be seen at least 1 second, can be counted as an impression (impression). What is the concept in practice? Reduce the ads on the right side of the bar, the multiple ads with ornament in a long document, when readers to scroll down to see wen, advertising will be greeted. Promote the work, will affect the nelson in wired so far the most ambitious goal of revision.

whole world

and recently many digital media redesign, wired new site is the most important and the most ambitious goals, responsive design is introduced. Unlike BuzzFeed such sites, wired digital version of the traffic still comes mainly from the desktop computer. But part of the growth of the audience is mainly from mobile devices. Nielsen they have wired web sites on mobile devices are widely tested. “We can’t change, bit by bit must be a whole,” nelson said. “It is a huge project.”

in addition to design and build a on all platforms that effect is very good website, nelson said, her team has been working hard to make the new website has more rich visual effects. Wired print is a long-term advantage resources are rich, they are determined to make full use of the resources. The new wired site also hope to provide better content recommendation service for readers.

“the site so far have no real to authenticate user’s identity. Next year we are going to do it, “nelson said. “To be prepared for the site to provide personalized service later.”

tag to the content, nelson’s team can collect data, and see what users have read not read what, and what they are looking for. New website back-end information will use the behavior, can provide the experience of meeting their individual needs. Nelson wants to smaller particle size to audience segment, “I think the reader’s category should not be simply divided into social users, search, a fan and other categories, but should be far more than this.” She said.

in terms of design, wired team drew inspiration from the entire media industry and other industry. Nelson said, her team fast company, and Google (weibo) and Pinterest news website as a potential model. In terms of speed, The flow rate and video content, wired to The Verge as one of its main competitors, but nelson said, their design of Vox Media that rainbow don’t appreciate. You can click on http://www.wired.com/2014/11/christopher-nolan-wired-editor/after wired website redesign. They are now on the new beta, you can join at http://www.wired.com/beta-sign-up.

tech news bubble?

let wired digital edition is competitive in the science and technology in the media, Nielsen team and everyone in the magazine there are a lot of work to do. Some people think that science and technology news bubble has for some time, all kinds of science and technology media. Now wired need to catch up, can be in an impregnable position in the competition.


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