Windows 8 x will be caught dead Windows XP

according to the latest data show that in the use of the operating system and browser share, 11 IE browser and Windows 8.1 operating system has realized the leap type growth (each rose by about 7%), and 8 IE browser and a sharp fall in the number of Windows XP operating system is (fell by almost the same difference).

amazingly, even though the Internet explorer browser version and Windows operating system version of the great change of using market share, the total trend change very little. Pictured above, IE rose 0.12%, Firefox has fallen by 0.27%, up 0.06% on the Chrome, Safari also rose 0.09%.

in the mobile browser market share from the Android browser to Chrome movement trend continues. Safari rose by 0.41%, up 0.69% on the Chrome, and a 1.56% drop in the Android browser. Opera Mini market share also rose, rose by 0.45%.

it is clear that the big change here is 11 IE browser. Chinese users use version adjustment makes 11 IE browser on the network maximum utilization of individual browser version, is a good news for all web developers and the entire network. While Internet explorer 6 browser basic has disappeared from the market.

similarly, operating system usage is also due to changes in the data set changes greatly. When Windows XP and Windows 8.1 market share is big changes: the former has fallen by 6.69%, which increased by 4.25%, the latest Microsoft operating system looks more strong. Its market share is more than Windows XP market share.


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