Win10 counterattack after Microsoft’s turn over a new leaf

hunting cloud network October 27 (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

half a century ago, with the birth of a huge machine, the human information processing began to electronic era, despite the many elite think people don’t need this behemoth, but after many generations in mini is like spring breeze entered innumberable families, yes, this is the computer.

in the computer long rule human information communication platform in a few decades, headed by the smartphone has boundless prospects to force army life of swept the earth. Ha ha, you this group of foolish humans, they threw themselves in my claw machine archenemy feet. The trend of The Times, who are unable to resist the prosperity of the mobile Internet era, the plane finally replaced by mobile terminal by most information technology.

of course, the wave of the development of science and technology also got wet once the master of graphic computer world cattle – Microsoft.

there was a time when Microsoft was led into IT, the world’s IT business as an example, the whole world IT information communication have to rely on him, and with its head — Bill Gates to this glorious product has long held the world’s richest man, reached more than 20 years. But, the wheel of history rolls on, now that Microsoft has not, even some tired.

the advent of the era of mobile Internet make Microsoft some unprepared. Now the market is moving the master, as a traditional computer graphic tycoon, it can’t have a big breakthrough in the field of mobile business, the business makes it appear weak, Surface sales is not ideal, the whether it can maintain revenue growth is a huge challenge.

a lot of people might have such doubt, Microsoft what is going on? More and more for product? It is also that continue to advance it before? Microsoft’s age are not come to an end?

PC department dominant for a long time, rigid structure of the company

the rapid development of science and technology and the constant improvement of the human needs across the globe, the computer from the monster gradually became a good friend in front of people. With the popularity of personal and public computer, the computer market is becoming mature, Microsoft is to play its special advantage in this area will be people buying new computers pre-loaded with the existing Windows system, it is convenient in people’s lives and greatly improved the market share of Microsoft.

no longer do people have to install a system and darting back and forth, client looking for a relationship. And Microsoft with a “promotion” means, in expanding the sales at the same time firmly occupy the market, has a large number of stable customer base, forming a closed ecological system, but also greatly against the rampant piracy, and can also be around for a long time to the PC. But, at the Microsoft pre-installed system at the same time, people use Windows system as a by-product when buying a computer, also don’t want to in the late for system upgrade to pay money.

always profitable enterprises, as the giant computer operating system, Microsoft didn’t want to let everybody be plundered Windows this meal. In order to change this kind of predicament, Microsoft began a series of activities, such as licensing fee from some devices and reduce the cost of system maintenance. Although the move in the industry of many RenShi look was a positive one, but by the age of the Internet as a free lunch hello chan we still is not willing to take out the trouser. Believe that let Microsoft bosses some headaches.

too much of the PC operating system, in particular, make the company the entire business model of the serious influence the development of the smartphone market.

market competition is intense, the old mode of operation that Microsoft miss mobile market

by phone the popularity of mobile devices and the progress of the age of the Internet makes the mobile Internet ecosystem gradually perfect, the former computer world XiongZhu will not aware of this? The answer is no. As the IT industry, Microsoft will not aware of the arrival of the era of mobile, just the already huge glorious traditional IT overlord in the era of new market change reaction is a little slow.

this is also a market practices: a traditional enterprise in the face of the new changes in market because of vested interests, the company’s internal personnel structure and political, is difficult to have timely breakthrough in the new field. in this node, is very likely to be the development of boom-bust flask. Operations, such as IBM smart companies sell son to front in the minority.

in fact, as early as in the early of this century, in the face of the movement. The layout is good nokia symbian pressure, Microsoft has released the Windows Mobile operating system. Although the Microsoft engineers feel glad to own this kind of system, and even excited, because the system is a blend of many factors on the tall, such as processing Excel and emails, etc.

but, instead, once they believe to be the industry’s most powerful conscience finally because of the need to service with the computer operating system synchronization, and expensive, complex operation, was born in the little phone support touch in the age of the system is inherently less users on the shelf.

after the iphone explosive growth strong to stimulate the nerve of Microsoft, once the industry bosses to hit their own status, at the same time, aware of their own shortcomings. And in this time, also by apple and android SIRS friend under the impact, the mobile phone overlord nokia also defeat. Finally, the future of confusion but big companies like ganci agni figure of nokia and Microsoft a touch namely combustion, the two giant eyes shining with tears of happiness go together, but the combination of them is inserted down the door of nokia.

in the face of developer has been pouring into the pressure of the apple and android, Microsoft in order to encourage business development of Windows Phone application, a bit regardless of user’s experience, it will be the same NT kernel and Windows Phone use Modern interface crammed into the Windows 8, with the Windows 8 to reassure users of Windows Phone.

apparently, users want in this didn’t get the good experience, some users even start asking Microsoft wants to, cancellation, Modern interface, restore the start menu. Customer feedback can not be ignored, even if Microsoft has their own reasons to so, but still make menu in Windows 10, while Modern interface don’t throw on the side.

short-lived doing after extracting the user value, Microsoft is finally out of the finished product

in recent years, the Windows version of the mission because carrying too many tasks (for example: Vista version to promote their new services; Was doing to guide developers promote WP systems), thus lower the user experience, users torn. In order to strengthen their market position of the operating system, stormed the mobile market, to save customers the injured heart, Microsoft is also racked his brain.

Microsoft quickly launched a rooted in the Windows above the upgrade version of Windows 10. Although Windows 10 official version will be released to the second half of next year, but at the beginning of this month has been provide desktop and portable computer technology preview version of the download.

it advocates One Product Family, One Platform, One of the Store, new thinking operating system in the designing idea of the “first” mobile first, cloud and puts forward to build a unified Platform, and tried to bring similar experience different terminal equipment. said bluntly that developers need to develop a set of App on Microsoft platform, can be in Microsoft’s PC, mobile phone use and so on any platform.

so applied in user experience, developers, ecology, ecological did the solution of the order of magnitude. The return of the appearance of Windows 10 for desktop just step in strategy, for the idea of a unified platform for this direction is finally clear, but very difficult. But the way direction is had, will not be smooth.

although unified platform is more conducive to the collection resources create good products, but In reality, All In One, is not to achieve the expected results. For example, Sony in the cruel market competition and the “unified” strategy to HTC to some extent was Waterloo.

as for Microsoft, such as the Windows xp series do before because of too outstanding successor to bring infinite pressure, users in the upgraded version without actually feel the system function, improve performance, and even in some places feel less, so Microsoft would feel unable to the subsequent development.

so, in the dozen years spent the proud of the Windows xp brilliant Microsoft was defeated by Windows market weakness to thoroughly. So in the jumping Windows9 version (because Microsoft make Windows8.1 Windows9) after Windows 10, on tangible products in addition to the Microsoft Office suite, Skype and OneDrive, these products may have to put up some new services to attract customers attention.

Microsoft tired today, I am afraid, proud only become the pillar of Office suite. For now, both users and Microsoft are looking forward to a full of passion and vitality of the Windows. Its next version will meet our desire, let’s wait and see.

as the PC market in Microsoft business proportion is overweight, every change of Microsoft, like doing the experiment in around the PC, or other services, or to promote new products, even this time Win10 are in the promotion of their cloud services. This makes Microsoft products always have a feeling of half-hearted.

Win10 can succeed? At least now it seems that he is already a finished product, don’t like doing that.

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