Will call the desk lamp of you to get up at half past six, the main concept of intelligent bedroom

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the current urban white-collar life pressure big, in addition to work every day, there is very little time to experience the wonderful life, also appeared a lot of sub-health state, the bedroom is occupied 1/3 time every day, they read before sleep, watching movies, playing mobile phones, difficulties can cause insomnia, sleep, get up. Sleep quality will directly affect the people working condition and health. Hunting today cloud network to introduce the entrepreneurial team is focus to solve the problem, their position is to provide quality by means of intelligent bedroom life service, after 80, living in work and life pressure, can enjoy the goodness of life. Now launch a product called wake up lights at half past six.

wake up at half past six lamp is China’s position in the Internet desk lamp of the bedroom, currently located in the versatility of desk lamp of bedroom the head of a bed is very few, the use of light and music both vulnerable to mood means, combined with the user’s bedroom life scenes, upgrade the quality of life of the user’s bedroom. “The current generation of products has launched a variety of combination mode and function of the specific life scene. Future products will gradually will launch more intimate functions.” Founder Michael Dunne said.

wake up function: through changes in the light, slowly wake the people, different people according to their own habits default wake up time. ‘t wake up if the preset time, awakened by the ringing of progressive enhancement, in order to make sure the lights did not wake up that users won’t be late. Sleep function: sleep mode, in the soft light, it is easier to make people fall asleep. Asleep, wake up at half past six will automatically shut down. Interest pattern: interest pattern with the music of passion, the lights of the variety and TA’s skin to bring you new exciting sensory experience.

in addition to wake up at half past six lights and drive midge function, emotion regulation, shake open to turn off the lights, sleep share, color parenting, and other functions.

“for this product, the initial difficulties mainly product positioning problem, initially focus on awaken the core function point, online a week later found that the demand is not strong, user feedback is the alarm clock is enough, the product immediately after the strategy adjustment for multiple functional products, to join the fun, stories, different scenarios of functions such as light, slowly accumulate to more users, but the feedback from users, using the most, the highest frequency is still wake function.” Michael Dunne said. He suggested that entrepreneurs need to have their own thinking, don’t listen to all users or user.

Michael Dunne to hunt cloud network, according to team temporarily not to spend money, have thousands of products, basically all is between users bring sales of word of mouth. According to the sales data, buying wakes up at half past six light the majority of users to young women, the sales channels are also expand, the current sales channels including taobao shop and agent for the two channels, the future will develop more sales channels to meet the demand of the customers to buy.

wake up at half past six lamp founding team a total of five people, is a team out of grand business, one of the first batch of founder Michael Dunne is China mobile Internet entrepreneurs, co-founder RuanZiJie in the field of Internet and mobile Internet has nearly 8 years of experience in technology development, another co-founder Kong Yanbo in intelligent hardware and wearable device also has on the development and production of rich experience and resources.

“we locate on intelligent bedroom, focus on the bedroom life service, extend hardware products will be done around the bedroom. Will continue to improve the platform service and more diverse hardware products. These may include hardware fragrance, air conditioning remote control, intelligent humidifier, etc. In the future we hope that through the platform service combined with the mobile Internet value-added services to make a profit. Philips wake-up lights on the market at present as our main rivals, but the price is higher, philips wake-up light but also has not formally entered the Chinese market, at present can only buy through some overseas online shopping channels. Our products have a lower price, at the same time function more and more rich advantage.” Founder Michael Dunne convective cloud network.

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Company: Shanghai wake up information technology co., LTD.

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