WiFi, you how so diao?

hunting cloud network October 21 (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

a wave of science and technology of the potential and will be waiting for everyman “therefore,” into the Internet society, now the humanity has and network like seem newlyweds inseparable, is difficult to divide, wrong, is already stick together, regardless of each other, ha ha.

it is true that the wave of information technology will be the society into the era of big data, everyone from the network access to a wealth of information about the world and the whole world is network mix together, the six degrees of segmentation theory has been exaggerated, all can happen between any two points of intersection.

with the advent of the era of mobile Internet, people want to get connection with the outside world, have not limited to sitting in front of a computer trival before dialing, as long as there is a phone, where can get what you want, the only difference is afraid is the network speed.

although the time has come for a 3 g, 4 g is in open chest to us, but we believe that our most like to use is, WiFi, the wireless network. 3 g, 4 g data connection, although a lot of 2 g faster than before, but too much money, not cheap wireless network, wireless network without even in public places we spend, and speed is fast. This has led to the people have a special liking for WiFi has deep reasons.

so, now a lot of hotel, guesthouse, hotel have wireless networks, many government agencies and institutions and enterprises also have wireless, it greatly facilitates people’s life, what is more, many public toilets were covered with WiFi, however, this is a little bad, is some people no matter whether the “stock” squatting in the toilet for half a day, regardless of the subsequent personnel completely how anxious solve the problem of “delivery”, this is a bit, ahem, you know.

in this era of exquisite convenience, efficiency, when the technology reaches a certain level, people will always build a lot of infrastructure to run the upper technology products. Today, many government departments after make the round of the “iron public base” (refer to the railways, highways, airports, water conservancy and other major infrastructure construction, in the face of visible infrastructure can meet the needs of current, then their vision will be transferred to the invisible things, in the field of communication, has a high-tech wireless, 3 g and 4 g will be the highlight of their eyes, so the government began to vigorously construction technology communication facilities, of course, the information superhighway is also the requirement of social development, not only can improve the efficiency of links, but also a place of “human nature is changed”.

WiFi history

as early as in the last century, the United States by the national highway construction to the influence of the prosperity of the country, us presidential candidate Bill Clinton in 1992, this paper puts forward the basic idea of the construction of the “information superhighway”, after the action, the information of the road was clear and obviously improve the level of social development. It also got Europe, Japan and other countries to follow, then, a worldwide information highway construction started chanting, the development of human information industry into a wave of vigorous development, are going all out, aim high, how quickly to save the construction of informationization of interconnected society.

when the completion of the information superhighway, continuous information road construction requirements of the human ascension. Then, in 2003, the Philadelphia first proposed a wireless broadband network based on WLAN standard, this led to start building the wireless network of the world’s cities. Although this last die halfway “Philadelphia plan”, but the people recognized that is caused by the limitation of time.

only when people’s demand for wireless Internet are strong excitation, cast off the yoke of the desktop Internet era, and in the field of wireless network technology to achieve a higher status, people could realize technology driven, at that time, the wireless access cable network auxiliary and supplement is not the only, or even into the mainstream. By the same token, wireless network for wireless, because access to the equipment is not fixed, but the mobile, mobile access equipment development to this level today, penetration will get promoted, it can inspire people’s deepest pressing needs.

actually, in the business world who will understand, do one thing the most important thing is to have the interests of the drive, only a reasonable business model will get use of support, will get a lot of money on infrastructure construction and technology popularization, otherwise, no matter how perfect the technology, but without the benefit of the merchants, who will be the supporters? This is probably the “Philadelphia plan” the root cause of the failure.

today’s WiFi, development can’t keep up with the demand of the explosive

believe that most people will have experience greatly, now most of the people around us are using mobile phone, of course, big cities have many people use tablet at the same time, as for computers, many people only when the office will open. Let this small make up to create a sigh with emotion, when families have TV, people gradually not like when I was a kid gathered at the gate to see the village the street projection in the big screen’s white old movies; And with the arrival of the age of the plane of the Internet, many people began to cast off the yoke of the TV set will be passively watching shows, nowadays mobile devices developed led human beings into a mobile Internet era, many computers are on the shelf, and even home computer are made.

the market size of the mobile Internet market to accelerate the Internet company mobile terminal layout, many start-ups in the field of mobile terminal to explore new profit model. Rising in intelligent mobile Internet ecosystem caused many manufacturers for mobile end war increasingly cutthroat.

in order to occupy the market faster, better and more perfect, the Internet entry the territory became a strategic position, and large number, flow infinite WiFi entrance is more like 360, tencent for these Internet businesses. With free WiFi, hundreds of millions of customers connect with millions of hot spots, you can imagine how rich profits for the industry. Big data, cloud computing, Internet of things such as the arrival of the new ideas in greatly stimulated enterprise vendors at the same time, also stimulated the government departments. Some government departments will be the construction of the wireless network as a standard of urban informatization construction, through the wireless network throughout the whole city, region, based on the data of excavation and utilization, will create new business models, to promote the development of society and economy, it is also the embodiment of the humanistic urban construction.

the future of the WiFi, ecological operation into key

as a mobile connection mode of wireless network in today’s interconnected society, people use it WiFi Internet thinking will need the data information of extended to various fields. Through large data mining, the entry value will be reflected. In daily life, people can through free wireless Internet access to the information around, eat what, what to buy, can search to, is watching movies, playing games and get rid of the bondage of the desktop era, can play to their own position at any time, simply does not exist as much at home.

by surveying the free wireless network construction and operation situation at home and abroad, we can get a widespread experience, this model is in our advantage with the support from the government and enterprises will be carried forward for wireless communication. The power of administrative government strengthening macro planning and regulation ability, integrating resources and highlight the open of the data, in business and customers of the integration of various resources such as, for example, use the function of the market promotion of the construction of free wireless. Through the construction of a wireless network, the government can integrate all aspects of the information, from the end user, collecting, filtering, user data analysis and mining, and transportation, health care, education and other public utilities generate good links, convenient people’s life better, serve the society.

of course, to do all this, play a great role of wireless network, we must coordinate all aspects of the relationship.

first of all is the network relationship with customers. Users care most about is whether to use, whether can be yourself, enrich your life. This requires network in technology must be human, have a large number of precipitation data, that is the core of the era of big data. Only have big data, might form a complete industry chain and improve the Internet ecosystem.

as on the other side of the network, business is also very important. Only integrated the merchants the resources, make businesses to make a profit, they will have the interest to participate in the wireless network connection, drive will promote the interests of big business in the field of wireless. But behind as the wireless network technology providers, operators is also an indispensable part of. Only cooperate with operators, and related fields of business cooperation to achieve win-win.

of course, as the basis of this series of run support, the government plays a key role, only the government on policy support, help, give full play to the role of the functions of management. At the same time to broaden the market, give full play to the initiative of the enterprise, such ability was a perfect fit.

in the free market at present, companies have seen the entrance effect of WIFI, ali, baidu, tencent, 360, millet, and so on have been put out all kinds of hand. Ordinary users don’t have to come to market in the “Internet of things” planning, only hope that with the help of a policy, under the moist of giants, can bring more value and miracle to market with the user.

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