Why I didn’t overestimate WeChat phone book?

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WeChat phone book launch, after I first read the WeChat phone originally, snare him again “has been questioned by many people, mostly think I overestimated WeChat energy, at the risk of PengSha. Although critics like or don’t believe in WeChat didn’t have much effect on its, but I still want to answer some questions about the article.

, a few typical problems about WeChat the phone book

1. phone book 5 months have been closed to the 2.0 version, this time is not new?

someone to dig out on zhihu 5 month to answer phone book “micro letter”, to illustrate the micro letter calls this not new at this time. I had mentioned in the article, the past WeChat telephone directory is a directory management software, does not support voice calls, weak than sogou number sense. Micro letter this time the phone book is QQ voice communication ( 5 month) + QQ contacts micro letter integration (had) + original micro letter phone book collection, revolutionary change is to support voice. Tencent internal for its orientation should also is a new product, the version number for the 1.0 * and in App Store nor any version of history.

2. if the micro letter the phone book for operators really have so much influence, the micro letter voice (video) on the phone, hand Q voice operators why no leather off traditional voice life?

micro letter is not the option “real-time voice”, in the 5.0 disappeared came before but for some reason (probably leave room, it is possible that experience is not good, dare not boast of speculation), now only “real-time interphone,” experience analog interphone, call and the gap is very large. With real-time voice calls, the micro letter if not put it in the most conspicuous position, hidden deep it is difficult to allow the user to try, but it does not conform to the existing video calls most scenarios communication habits. Step back, if WeChat in a conspicuous position to place a “real-time” menu also has a great influence or not. Because there is no call “experience” and “mobile phone contacts” fully integrated.

phone book and call experience is the true to attract users, this is why mobile phone inline QQ the “real-time voice” did not cause the cause of the large scale application, WeChat call this as a standalone application, can be a new type of phone application forward; Backward can return to the past “number management assistant” stage. This time WeChat phone call this the most critical is complied with the user’s habits.

3 , free phone already had also done very well, why didn’t affect the operator voice business?

before WeChat the phone book, free telephone or Internet phone has indeed exist. In the a PC era Skype this cheap phone calls, is now with the PC decline together; In the era of mobile has VoIP phone application. 2012 free call “have faith”, the user focused on the migrant workers, students and white-collar workers in the low-income people, public data shows its registered users have 7000, daily activity to 700.

believed such free telephone scale is very handsome, why don’t boycott by operators? Is very simple, there are believed to be based on the network technology of the Internet with the traditional voice communications solutions, can free calls, the handset, fixed telephone installation without each other, through the advertising platform, mobile game business these to the business “after” income to fill, voice will eventually have some income among operators, VoIP phone with operators is win-win cooperation and future operators may add VoIP open and cooperation process.

4. iOS WIFI calls, and such systems level why call not resisted?

each system, each mobile phone manufacturer, each social App can do business based on the data of real-time voice function. The biggest problem is no micro current coverage in such a big letter. Call between circle and circle or want money, and the risk is very big. Operator push the cornet cluster network in colleges and universities in the past, a few students may monthly between playing, because most of the calls occur in the cluster network. Cluster network if support users from 10 expanded to 1 m, million, 1 trillions, there must be a completely different results. How big is big a network? In the micro credit number is close to the number of mobile users.

, some misconceptions about WeChat the phone book

in addition to the above standard questions, there are some pretty far-fetched reason listed as follows:

1. WeChat phone book is not free, and not much cheaper than the traditional voice!!!!

WeChat phone book need to flow, “suppose one minute 1 m, about 1 minutes need 0.04 yuan, the market can buy the lowest voice calls for $0.06 / minutes”.

after calculation, micro letter voice traffic consumption per minute about 300 k (instead of 1 m), according to the standard rates online conversion, the unit price for 0.01 yuan, and the flow rate is so high to ensure call quality, in accordance with the telecommunication industry of IEEE specification of speech compression also further compression space is very large. Traditional voice also not integration methods and so on more than half the rate to reduce the quality of expanded capacity? Plus a lot of the time flow belongs to the monthly plan or WIFI environment, so the capitation down far less than one minute 1 penny.

$0.06 / minutes of speech, but the market standard fares are also in the 0.1 yuan of above. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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