Why can be ma ali listed eight bell ringers selected?

tonight, alibaba formal nyse listing in the United States, and founder of the listed company executives and ringing bell, ma give this precious opportunity to the eight clients. Why the eight companies can have such honor, the following is the introduction 8 representative details:

1, lishi Lao: taobao shop owner, a former Olympic champion

name: lishi Lao

gender: female

date of birth: December 1987

penetration, zhanjiang, guangdong province

in ground: guangzhou

the star city: Sagittarius

Chinese stars are keen to set up shop in taobao, but among them, 26, lishi Lao is very firmly. The former Olympic diving champion thoroughly bid farewell to his sports career, also have no choice such professional sports management, but concentrate on running their own taobao shop.

lishi Lao, the 2004 Olympic Games women’s 10 m platform double winners, ten meters diving platform runners-up at the 2006 World Cup winner. She is now is taobao shop owner, shops selling a selection of woodcarving and her hand act the role ofing is tasted.

considering the investment is very big, open shops had no business experience of lishi Lao choose to taobao shop, now, practiced for 16 years diving she is focusing on the storefront renovation, purchase acceptance, looking for a model set up shop, and so on in detail. After several months of testing the waters, and now her taobao shop has slowly on the right track, so far, trade credit for two drill.

“after said the story, beginning with fans, is blunt the Olympic champion title to buy, I also send the autographed photos. But now it has been famous for fans, is more a commodity to attract people.” Lishi Lao said. Now, she hired a graphic and a customer service, images and more exquisite, also for the net friend introduced a DIY hand series of private demand for personalized customization, and borrowed the name of “poetry”, named “poet customization services.”

2, Huang Biji: cloud service, 90 college students after

name: Huang Biji

gender: female

date of birth: November 1991

Scorpio constellation


job: college students (senior) currently taobao customer service cloud

school: south of zhongshan university college of business administration specialty

ancestral home: guangdong qingyuan

before becoming taobao’s cloud service, Huang Biji identity is a university freshman, taobao’s fans and users. In 2008, only 17-year-old senior girls Huang Biji on television for the first time see the advertisement of alibaba, know taobao, feel very novel, will become a member. In April the same year, she was in the taobao up and down of the first order – a denim jacket, a total of 65 yuan.

in September 2010, Huang Biji was admitted to the university, as a college student; In October, taobao customer satisfaction center to launch a new service mode – “cloud services” – cloud service is a very “Internet” service mode, it understood taobao, the people gathered together, pooling their fragmented time to provide service for the customer; In December, Huang Biji see school job Posting, taobao shopping accumulation has reached a four star she successfully become a cloud service.

on August 25, 2014, has done three years Huang Biji as usual in cloud customer service online customer service, received the delivery information, is a sign up to go to America to visit application materials listed on alibaba. Through the information, and for the first time Huang Biji know, oneself originally in the three years has accumulated for more than 16000 members taobao. In September, Huang Biji received alibaba formally issued to the invitation letter.

3, He Ningning: tao woman, children with autism teachers

intimate said: ning son

: constellation Aquarius:

date of birth: January 1988

the latter: hangzhou

domicile of origin: zhejiang quzhou

career: tao woman, children with autism rehabilitation teachers

blood type: type A

school: hangzhou normal university

height: 165 cm

weight: 45 kg

Born in 1988, the

He Ningning, do new girl already has more than three years, for his original choice, she admitted that on the one hand, she really likes “model”, this occupation was graduated second income some low, try holding the mentality, have chosen this path, have never thought all the way walk down there small achievement, has become the leader in the new girl.

this job for tao girl will cause trouble to the daily life, He Ningning feel although has certain popularity, but after all and film and television actor, the more the feeling of ordinary people. Of course, if have a chance to break into, confident she also won’t refuse. “Now also took some videos of what, but don’t want to deliberately into the entertainment industry, it is good to let nature take its course!”

few people know, on the other side of the He Ningning tao girl identity, is a has more than 4 years experience of children with autism rehabilitation teacher, her biggest dream is through the platform of new girl let the whole society to pay attention to this group.

4, wang zhiqiang: farmers shopkeeper

name: wang zhiqiang

gender: male

age: 36

date of birth: 1978. Chinese new 7.9

sign: cancer

native: shanxi luliang city Lin County papaya ping township changs ditch

residence: taiyuan city

farmers give him wang zhiqiang sell “forest products” has been 6 years, but people tend to remember another name “Wang Xiaobang”, he is said to be VIP, to provide a little help to others, is “a little for the origin of the name”.

Wang Xiaobang was once a “north drift”. Beginning in 1999, he made a farmers’ market food vendors from dawn, worked as a construction site coolie, send a bento to zhongguancun, white-collar workers, and urban management played in a guerrilla war, run through marketing. Also driven a rent in the capital, encountered CheFei knife across the neck of robbery; Had the boss defaults salary, night up missing big losses.

then contact taobao, during the Olympic Games in 2008, officially opened Wang Xiaobang farm shop online. Give the customers the real rural show, is one of the features of his store. Wang Xiaobang took lots of pictures of the local customs, send out a full-bodied local flavor.

in early 2009, Wang Xiaobang pioneers in taobao, the first network selection contest, post was home page to log out. Behold, his photo attracted numerous ps master of lonesome, various spoof coming then, at that time, this “very simple” face quickly on the Internet.

5, wang sj: returning home, drive the quake-hit qingchuan electricity business

name: wang sj

gender: female

date of birth: 1986

years of age: 28

the star city: Sagittarius

native, qingchuan county, sichuan province chiao chuang town

residence, qingchuan county, sichuan province chiao chuang town chiao chuang town

“now everyone is mentioned only know the earthquake-stricken area qingchuan, but I want people to mention qingchuan, think of the honey, black fungus, rhizoma gastrodiae and other local products here, and ecological tourism,” said wang sj, after the 85 girls choose return hometown qingchuan county, sichuan province venture after studying in Australia.

canvas shoes, broken flower skirt, smile very sweet wang sj looks like with the title of “chairman” above, but is the 28-year-old sichuan sister, combined with the alibaba group’s taobao, the hometown of sichuan qingchuan local products with brand: her company production of “qingjiang source” assuming honey, is regarded as one of the “landmark” specialty qingchuan.

bachelor graduated from sichuan music college music education professional wang sj, never thought about his business in the university. Until 2008, “5.12” wenchuan earthquake, her life path a shift.

after graduating from sichuan conservatory of music, wang sj give up the opportunity when music teacher, choose home do beekeepers qingchuan. She opened shop, in “alibaba chengdu pioneer park”, through the electronic commerce platform will products sold throughout the country, and then opened stores in the county, engaged in qingchuan duck, wholesale and retail.

because attaches great importance to product marketing, business wang sj honey ticked up gradually. Will soon on the right track of the enterprise, however, wang sj and made a surprising decision – to go abroad to study abroad.

in 2011, wang sj entered Australia’s deakin university, majoring in media professional master graduate student. Abroad for two years, she tasted the Australian and New Zealand almost all kinds of brand of honey, and access to a large amount of information about the forefront of the bee breeding, “give me the biggest feeling is, the brand must be done,” she said.

look in wang sj, authentic assuming honey nutrition is no better than those of foreign high-grade honey is low, but the honey of their own brand, packaging, product value-added compared with “I don’t know how much difference the grade”.

along with the deepening of brand cognition, wang sj after returning to China in 2013, started to expand the scale of the enterprise. A “action” is the establishment of shu rui cooperatives, with “farmers + company + electricity” new business model, online double channels to promote sales.

however, rectified the electricity business operations, the lack of form a complete set of electronic commerce, qingchuan let her feel more should do something for qingchuan overall brand. Was established in 2014, wang sj the qingchuan ZhiChen network service co., LTD., became an electricity service providers, “docking with the agricultural cooperatives, provide consumers with safety traceability of quality agricultural products”.

wang sj also want to provide supporting services for the local electrical contractor to solve qingchuan electrical business is insufficient, lack of design, operation, photography talent gap, “I hope I can help college students, vocational students, youth dreams through e-commerce”.

6, Philippines: with “taobao museum” 10 years of user

name: Qiao Li

gender: female

date of birth: July 1982

sign: cancer

native place: Shanghai

residence: Shanghai

after 80 s girl Qiao Li calls himself taobao number one fan, ten years Chen members, wild and taobao shopping bibliomania. She often said: “rice can not eat, can’t help but tao treasure!” Now, taobao net friends all call her “report”.

in the home of Qiao Li, was exaggerated had to vacate a room, filled with alibaba over the mascot, visiting card, books, clothes… Small to a pen and a piece of note, big banner to the active hall board she want to come back. “Have some souvenirs that I attend the meeting, some of them are very not easy to, also has bought from taobao second-hand tao doll.” Qiao Li said, this place is called “hidden tao pavilion”, witnessed the growth of alibaba.

Qiao Li is alibaba related products of “chief”, what new products came out, she will be the first time experience, she said she was ready to write a tutorial to share experience to more people. From want want group to now, mobile phones, taobao, each product can always see her in the first time use.

Qiao Li or alibaba “inspector” whether products or things, she said this frank will be the first time, said she found insufficient to make alibaba a better progress.

“report” every day after the establishment of original production, Qiao Li or first in taobao BBS “diamond sellers interview”, this is the earliest taobao community interviews, had started the interview.

Qiao Li said that his ideal is to be a “bridge”, let more people through her “report” a better understanding of alibaba, “merchants have some problems, I can also tell ali, I also want to gather like-minded people, want to have their own team” in the future.

in addition, Qiao Li ali platform, said he is hoping to help more people to sell goods, not only can also help the folk sculpture, pottery, paper cutting, gourd and other non-material cultural heritage inheritance.

Qiao Li is a companion for taobao, 10 years of loyal consumers, in the first moment, invited “excitement to the incoherent,” she said, “because busy with taobao in love, now I still single, biggest wish is to find a close boyfriend, thank you for the opportunity to help me dating world.”

7, DouLiGuo: Courier

name: DouLiGuo

gender: male

date of birth: October 2, 1975 lunar

Scorpio constellation


native (native) : jilin siping backer tuen

residence: Beijing

“the elder brother of the express sinus with” old stuff recycling programme

40 DouLiGuo, said “the elder brother of the express sinus tease”, express delivery industry has ten years. The north drift “express” for the first time into the public view, because a knowledge vies to answer first class television program, he defeated the Peking University graduates of primary school.

however, in the capital circle of public welfare, “express” because the door around collecting spare clothes, then free to send clothes to poor areas ACTS of kindness.

DouLiGuo hometown in jilin rural areas, because of the poor, finished second grade, he will drop out of school. In 1996, DouLiGuo came to Beijing “north drift”. Period, he worked as a security guard, cook. In 2004, DouLiGuo and lover, when the Courier.


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