Why apple is unable to overturn the Swiss watch empire?

I’m not sure it can be called “watch”. Well, it is to wear on your wrist, can also tell you what time is it now, but this is only the Apple Watch and similarities of the traditional mechanical watches. We used to mention the manual assembly of mechanical watch is out of date, because their production process is too hard. I am honored to be invited to the Cupertino to witness the Apple Watch first. Although I don’t think it have any threat to advanced manufacturing, but I’m sure, for cheap quartz watch, even some entry level mechanical watch, it is definitely a devastating disaster. In the next few years, it will also threat to the high-end watch brand gradually.

you might ask, how did that happen? That’s because Apple is larger than that of the same price from Asia and the Swiss watch brands pay more attention to detail, and the detail in the design aspect to earn a lot of points. It is so powerful, that the other digital products to shame. Of course, in any case, it can’t be perfect. As long as you are willing to read on, you can understand as a Watch enthusiast for Apple I Watch some views. And oh by the way, there will be a lot of graphics.

in view of the many articles have introduced the Apple Watch some of the basic functions, I will not be repeated, I mainly want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Apple Watch my eyes. From beginning to end, of course, I didn’t see it as a wearable digital equipment, but took it as a real watch. I want to convey is that my friends in Switzerland what can reference from Apple Watch, same Apple Watch what can be learned from my friend.

Apple where in the world cattle Watch


as the price is a $350 Watch, Applw general design of the Watch to give people the feeling of value. Such a price, such functions, such details, the quality, what can you say? Sistem51 (51 swatch planet series wrist watch) is also a beautiful and affordable watches, but it seems only worth $150 (though I also bought a and very wonderful). If you want to be a and Apple Watch prices almost Watch, you can consider it, because it is in terms of measurement precision to the explosion. Priced at $349 Seiko (Japanese Seiko table) has many advantages, you will feel good value. But Apple Watch high-end grade atmosphere at first glance, in fact is. It makes you feel “very expensive” at the first glance.

Surface treatment

in terms of the overall design, the surface of the arc will be more perfect to fit your wrist, obviously that’s very good. As Tim Cook said in a keynote speech, you can not distinguish stop the software and hardware is the place to start. Watches pour round edge very Apple style, and even brought some Marc (feeling, he is a man of intuitive. I’m sure Apple is related to the design and his Watch. Why is that? You first look at the Apple Watch, then read I in 2012, which is released (Ikepod (Ikepod, it is said that most can express the love of parents Watch) of that year, I wrote the article. Pay attention to the outer ring is seamless Ikepod, and Apple this Watch exactly the same. Besides Apple Watch Sport strap, see (give Ikepod design strap you will find both is the same. Which Jony Ive and (friendship is well known, maybe they just got drunk to communicate their ideas, or maybe it is (in Apple Watch before was also involved in the design, will everything he learned in Ikepod brought his friends in the Apple. We don’t know.


Apple Watch has 2 sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm. Try it for a moment, I found them both and my wrist is very fit. It is not dazzling choices, also does not have arbitrarily assign men a 42 mm, assign Ms. 38 mm, any man, woman, or child can easily take off the table. This is extremely rare, you know, this is Apple’s first watch, so design big or small is understandable. I believe there will be many people have called for the design of larger – why not? So the interface will be more eye-catching, more easy to recognize from a distance, operation will be more simple. So they chose the two dress size showed a great binding. As you can see, 38 mm wear on your wrist is really good.


Apple Watch expressed in its own way of traditional watchmaking and respect horology development environment. We’ll remember the first timing device in the world – sundial, is commanded by the sun and the stars, until today we can divide the day and night. Apple to choose two kinds of interface is based on the universe, all the time and space charge is designed, considering the origin and importance of early chronometric tools. (side note: this interface related to the “astronomical” will be easier to show the moon on the calendar.)

Apple will also set up several similar to modern digital interface pointer type. I hope to Watch Apple after listed, can have more interface to choose from.

for a company is famous for its aversion buttons, Apple Watch keep original clock control method also shows some respect. Of course, people for Apple Watch interface mixed reviews, but I was surprised they didn’t try to develop a completely get rid of the physical control of the equipment.


Watch changes emerge in endlessly, Apple, Apple is the most common Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, just, they are made of diamond-like carbon coating on steel, aluminum, grey class aluminum, stainless steel carboniferous coating made of rose gold and yellow gold, a total of 6 kinds of style of strap and bracelet, a variety of color options.

you may ask, is everyone can find their own one? Of course not, but as Cook says, Apple Watch is one of the most personal electronic devices, it provides various ways of life are a series of choices. No Swiss watch can provide more choice and interface, let alone in this world, all the industries are critical, pursuit of perfection (4,6,8/look at BMW and audi A2, A3, A5, A7), of course, this only makes sense for the pursuit of perfect detail. Details make life more rich and colorful, such as details make me to write something on the surface looks don’t need to, but something would be very happy. I’m sure a lot of a lot of people like the Apple standards blindly Watch, hate Apple Watch Sport. This kind of situation and golden cube shape Apple Watch Edition, because although it received more than 2000 praise on them, but under comments are mostly negative. I think Switzerland should also learn from, if you found something beautiful details, no matter how many options are provided are not too many. Our belt in HODINKEE shop business is very good, because the watch users will never content to use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provide the strap or bracelet. We have slightly different Tudor with Swiss watch Black Bay as an example, it has the wine red gems embedded groove edge collocation of gilded dial, or sapphire inlaid stone groove edge with silver dial, each with three kinds of strap to choose from.


here’s another of its design – strap. Apple is absolutely clear the strap and watch chain is regarded as top priority. From the leather strap to the rubber strap, from the ring bracelet to milan style strap, you can use either. So it’s not hard to see how Apple attaches great importance to the way of people for table wearing, and other manufacturers in this regard for how bad.

Apple Watch can use a complete strap or bracelet, table ear can also with wire. It completely according to the changed the appearance of the watch, strap also become very simple. In strap is just on the one hand, of course, amazing is it on the strap or bracelet that details of patience. As I mentioned, this price to buy such things as true value, and this is a big show in terms of strap.

I also mentioned above the strap and Apple Ikepod Watch Sport is exactly the same, but in fact the latter is better. Apple’s cortex was soft, quality is also very high. On my $350 worth of pointer type digital watches have never seen such a good leather strap. Look again at the belt buckle, although it looks very ordinary, but pay attention to its feet are not simply mounted on the beam, and the belt buckle.

we’ll talk about ring bracelet. You know don’t need any tool, you can freely adjust the bracelet? You only have to click on the link in the middle of the bracelet from behind, it will automatically pop up. This reminds me of the IWC Aquatimer strap, it there is a similar release button, but Apple Watch can be used for each link. In addition, the folding clasp (did you notice which Jony Ive in video call it the “folding clasp? This is really a cute name) is extremely smooth. It is folded, in fact it thinner than any other traditional clasp.

but for me, the most magical is the milan style of strap. Even Apple they know, this is a remarkable feat. I’m sure any other technology companies in the world is going to spend time with this admittedly outmoded, I love the idea.

I love it, because it is so comfortable, and the traditional ring bracelet not the same; I love it, because it with amorous feelings of the 19th century the fifties and sixties. In fact, I also wear a same style with milan prepare the strap of 1957 Omega Speedmaster, I especially love to its reason is that the strap.

when I know Apple 42 mm Watch the moment I decided to try it, now it’s really darling stay on my wrist.

this ring strap design is very good, and my Omega, it is very practical. It is magnetized, so you can adjust it to any size. Although it is light, but very strong, simple sense is also very good to wear on your wrist. Where it had similar than this strap Tissot bar? Believe me, Switzerland won’t want to know.

Apple under the design details and wearing performance of the watch has a lot of work, which makes many clocks from Switzerland (or Asia) companies from sigh. I want to declare that the above comments are put it as a watch out of shape analysis, and does not take into account its boundary. If this is a digital watch, I can say it is designed to be very clever and generous, but it is not only a table, so here’s the controversy.

Apple Watch is bad?

the lack of emotional

I was surprised in many Apple fans “also did not use their old equipment when it introduced a new product, it’s not just a watch so simple. Those who love to wear mechanical watches people generally have higher salaries, they pursue the heart of good equipment – in short, is Apple products. But millions of people than Apple more willing to buy rolex, the reason is very simple, it is more eternal, even more unique. Any electronic watch, even if it is which Jony Ive (or Marc () design, also can’t completely replace mechanical watch, because the latter is not restricted by circle of life. My Watch can be passed from generation to generation, and with luck, Apple Watch also can only be maintained for 5 years. From the emotional point of view, the two cannot be compared, that is why I believe that many real watch enthusiasts (of course they usually buy Apple products launched) doesn’t really favor it, after all its rival is yourself. New product released, the old as if still in yesterday’s conference, early adopters like me hope Apple can reclaim it long long ago products, to be honest, I’m going to going to buy a Watch, Apple but above is telling the truth).

cuff test

if you must criticize Apple Watch, you will hear my former complain (about Habring2) – it doesn’t suit my shirt cuffs. I firmly believe that great design does not violate the law of everyday life, one is not suitable for the sleeve is not a good table. Apple again and again to surprise people, produced many thin and elegant products, so I will inevitably feel Apple Watch heavy, especially during the conference, ought to introduce Apple Watch the first 45 minutes were used to discuss how thin the iPhone 6. I know the physical limit of the electronic products, also know it required parts are many, but this is still some distance away from my ideal products.

what method I can think of to let Apple Watch more thin? Of course not, but want to win more customers, at least it more fashionable.

electronic watch is designed for nerds

for nerds, Apple Watch is undoubtedly a great project, but for ordinary people, it is not mechanical Watch is cool. This conclusion may change with the passage of time, because I feel in the near future, no matter what electronic watch can do, people will think it’s “cool”. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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