Who the most eye foreign vc now? The statistics tell you!

cloud network hunting note: kleiner perkins caufield & byers likes to observe A vc investment again, like A round of investment, Andreessen Horowitz and sequoia capital to Accel for Asian companies, especially the Indian start-ups. A report from the professional analysis of vc company CBInsights from multi-angle interpreted the “personality” of the investment company, the company the most savvy?

Sequoia (Sequoia capital), Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, etc. These well-known venture capital firm, who is the most eye investment company? The traditional definition of standard is to see who is the first invested in a start-up, had the potential to grow if you can help listed investment company that is again good however.

but a recent by specializing in the study, the VCS CBInsights analysis showed that in addition to the traditional standard, there are some other interesting indicators can be incorporated into the western evaluation system of venture capital firms. CBInsights survey interviewed 588 with vc investment to support American technology start-up companies, the market value of these companies are usually around $100 million, and then to analyze the the following new indicators. (it is worth mentioning, startup the market value of the reference is not big.)

according to the venture capital firm with market potential investment by the number of startups – CBInsights valuation of the company as a measure of listed potential – the top three of vc firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & byers VCS (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & amp; Byers), Sequoia Capital (Sequoia Capital) and Accel Partners. But the three vc with emphasis: kleiner perkins caufield & byers VCS habit to start investing in the middle stage, and Andreessen Horowitz investment focused on the seed and A round of investment. Sequoia capital and Accel Partners are more involved in startup of A round of investment.

value for investment companies, sequoia capital is one of the most active one in the industry. Reality, Dropbox, and from us all in the sequoia capital investment portfolio, a total of 11 of these companies. Five companies in the first round and second round of investment, have the participation of sequoia capital. And Accel is one of the most astute, seven market value of $in the company. Five is by Accel collar, which is representative of the company is a Cloudera, Dropbox, as well as Lookout. Lookout also is one of the most successful investment.

on the company’s investment strategy in Asia, particularly active Accel investment activities in India. Accel is the first capital injection to India heavyweights it western VCS. In October 2009, the first invested $1 million, then to participate in the company of the other three rounds of investment, including a large financing activities in July, the total financing amount to $1 billion. Myntra, another in the portfolio of Accel India company, may merge with it, then the market value of $343.2 million. Since 2008, Myntra Accel have involved in each round of financing activities. And the star of an Indian startup, user support platform based on cloud computing – Freshdesk is also a member of the Accel portfolio. And in its 2011 years of A round of funding, Accel as the only an investor, invested $1 million. From then on, every round of funding has Accel capital injection, including a recent D rounds of financing activities in June, Freshdesk won $31 million in financing.

sequoia capital is very focus on Asian market. In may today, sequoia capital announced it will invest $530 million in startup based in India and other Asian countries. In addition, sequoia capital in Asia has a lot of different funds can use, such as sequoia capital, sequoia capital, India, sequoia capital China and Israel sequoia capital.

Andreessen Horowitz capital scattered almost to the unicorn club companies, portfolio of nine companies belong to the unicorn club, including well-known reality, Pinterest, wearable device startup Jawbone and sports apparel website Fanatics. But as a very keen on the early investment of vc company, in its nine important portfolio companies, Horowitz only participated in the two early financing activities of the company. At present, we hardly Horowitz portfolio can have how much revenue, maybe next year will have the answer.

will show the strength of the Venture capital firm next year and Khosla Venture, Insight Venture Partners, and raised Fund. In “portfolio CBInsights give a number of companies listed potential” list, raised Fund even accidentally squeeze into the top 20, the power to be reckoned with in the future.

but so far, according to each vc portfolio benefit comprehensive display, sequoia capital, Accel Partners, and Andreessen Horowitz the vc is the western capital market the most eye vc firms. However, evaluation standard and focus is different, the result is not necessarily the same. In fact, vc firms which is strong, is a matter of many things.

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