Who says O2O can only play with giant? Oneself also can play some “sideline”

this paper hunting cloud network readers could not contribute,

when have dinner at McDonald’s last month, accidentally discovered a flyer in the tray page of taobao’s cross-border marketing activities: the effect of taobao “shopping full of 100 yuan, send a wheat tornado, thought” almighty taobao “really has been pervasive, even McDonald’s has already occupied!

look at carefully, only to find that the activity of something: the activity of the originators of the original is not taobao, nor McDonald’s, but a third party integration alliance platform, miles.

Miles on the

the user through the phone APP scans the qr code on the flyer page, will be able to enter a special taobao specials page, as long as the purchase any goods on the page, the full 100 yuan, will be able to get a “cyclone” certificate, at the same time, also can get miles platform shopping rebate bonus points.

if you have to know “taobao”, it must be found, the taobao selected merchandise page is actually a “taobao” commodity aggregate page, that is to say, users to purchase any items on this page, as long as the miles are able to obtain the corresponding promotion commission, and consumers can get commission divided by miles of integral as a “rebate”.

O2O experts “closed-loop” so done…

have to say that this is a win-win crossover marketing activities, to participate in the activities of the parties (taobao, sell when lowe, miles, consumers) didn’t cost a cent, but have made their respective in brand, marketing benefits and effects.

for the sponsor of the event miles, not only have more new users through activities, and promote the APP download and install, clinch a deal at the same time leading to the taobao can also bring its expensive commission income; For McDonald’s, “cyclone” miles is the cost of pay, and improved the activity of repast users, may also be able to acquire new users; For taobao, activities not only enhance the brand publicity and exposure, this way of taobao guest CPS promotion can also lead to real traffic and clinch a deal; And for consumers, not spend money can get really cheap, why not?

maybe someone will ask, who is the real money? The answer is “shopkeeper” taobao platform. But because taobao guest fee model is according to clinch a deal the pay (CPS), so any commission paid a money, can bring considerable sales, taobao sellers against for what reason?

this crossover marketing activities through a small flyer page for entry, the online and offline businesses and consumers to lead its shopping consumption; But consumers not only stay with online again at the same time, by the integral can be in store and wheat cyclone coupons, and bring success online consumers into the offline store. To buy to keep consumers from marketing, user data information, O2O professionals was formed unconsciously mouth’s pursuit of “closed loop”.

giant O2O tricks can only strengthen its main business

the industry giant launched the mainstream of the O2O mode, at will is to revise and change the traditional industries. But in fact, its final that play the role of also can only be on the basis of the traditional, comply with the change of the consumption path, strengthen its main business.

, for example, represented by micro letter pay O2O practice. O2O mode that do not create innovative business model, and the role it is: improve the user experience, reduce operating costs, improve business efficiency. But whether the restaurant because use WeChat pay can sell clothes? Whether the cinema because use micro letter pay would sell toys? Clothing store because of pay in the micro letter to cosmetics?

the answer is no. Obviously, represented by WeChat pay O2O “tricks” is actually the merchants in consumers’ shopping habits change at the same time, the solution to seek self evolution. In other words, they do still is to strengthen their own business, to find a way to let the cinema in more people see the film, to increase the rate of turn table, restaurant make clothing store has the opportunity to sell more clothes.

POS data into mobile payment, offline line up into phones to buy tickets, but the business model for enterprise itself did not have any change, wanda’s competitors or the intime, consumers also or what.

advertising and marketing can be O2O “sideline”?

advertising technology development provides the sideline possibility. Such as ali mama “taobao” platform and its recently launched “magpie bridge” project, the project allows all of the “taobao” on taobao launched topic investment promotion activities, which means any a “taobao”, as long as with traffic and user, you can freely in the background launch their own “9 9 bag mail”, “on sale”, “full 100 minus 50” big promoting activities.

page flyer is through the form of McDonald’s, the single page into a virtual shelves, users go to McDonald’s not only can eat, can also through these flyers page page into the miles of investment promotion activities, buy the goods of taobao.

imagine if cans of Coca-Cola, there are a called “9 9 bag mail” commodity aggregation qr code page. Side, users in the cans and code into, not only can buy specifically for customization of sale of goods, Coca-Cola Coca-Cola can get all kinds of awards and gifts. On the other side, Coca-Cola marketing staff was staring at taobao guest background, see his promotion commission has risen again much…

if the cinema tickets, taxi LCD TV, the armrest of subway on the cloth on the shelves of the entrance, it is not 365 days a year with big advertisers, rather than “help wanted”, why don’t you like launch their own “11.11” event, some side…

I always think, all not for-profit O2O is pulled eggs. On the other hand, if there is a new profit model can bring more income, even if again humble O2O mode, what’s wrong with a try?

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