Who is “blow” wearable devices “bubble”?

when people may debate wearable equipment arises at the historic moment, or what is the most affected by the technology industry, but it didn’t notice about all aspects of business activity, wearable device has presented unprecedented speed mode. If let you say apple in a particular category of landmark research and development to explore, that there is no doubt that it is wearable equipment industry.

simmer between consumers and investors’ attention, wearable equipment has become an explosive eye-catching items. In fact, it is like the growth of the explosive force, so that can make a deep analysis, in order to observe what is in this category promote its growth.

consumer-driven: people love the invention of the wrist?

may be the best way to measure consumer interest, is through the raise web site to see. Analysis after 443 the raise project, of which 64 are people care about wearable equipment projects. This category in the consumer interest in the whole occupies unshakable status: although wearable devices accounted for only 14% of all projects, but it’s the raise money as much as $41 million, accounted for 22% of the total the suggests.

in this 64 wearable project, 53% is about the wrist or hand equipment, related equipment to the head, 25% 14% is put in other parts of the body. Seems consumers most concerned about is about wrist wearable equipment projects, especially as a Pebble, Kreyos and Omate these booking more than $1 million watch project products. If only from the above data, the consumers are more willing to “wear the equipment on the” as “the third screen” and resonate with yourself.

investors backing: dumb money more?

wearable project investment can observe how to paint a different picture. In 2008, according to data from the Mattermark and CrunchBase ranges to this day, people spend $41 million on wearable devices, and investors in the field of 82 wearable invested considerable $463 million company. This means that consumers in the field of wearable device for every $1 in the raise, is equivalent to attract investors to invest $11 to complete the project.

it’s surprising that 58% of the financing, and not through the raise of household financing ways. Even more surprising is that in the wearable to raise more than $100000 for projects, follow-up financing only 19.

in percentage terms, this means that since 2008, those who raise website in the financing of wearable devices, which won the subsequent risk of investment is only 23%. This enlightens us, although all investment institutions will raise the results provide a measure of the judge wearable project prospect but not the only target.

category to differentiate, investors most (32%) on hand/wrist wearable devices, this and the consumer interest to form the echo.

it is important to note that although consumers do not seem to be interested in other parts of the body of wearable devices (raise accounted for 9% of the ratio), but they had attracted 26% of institutional investors in the investment. Meanwhile the category of wearable devices also joined the software, to improve its technological and applicability. And wearable device software (application) field also raise site did not cause the attention.

bubble or not: the industry will continue to be “hot”

no matter how all these data show that consumers and investors on the investment hot spots in the wearable category has a very high degree and a trend of sustained growth. Six years ago, a handful of companies related project, now more numerous. This gives great interests between consumers and investors, but also shows a common vision for wearable devices in the future.

this common orientation not seeking is very rare. In wearable watch project combines the interests of the consumers and investors, and indicates that this project has remarkable at the moment and encouraging hopeful future. Apple has developed products, about this project and believe that whether you are a consumer or investor, this will make you feel excited.


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