Who didn’t shake handshandle net model, the takeover already doomed

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according to media reports, on October 19 evening, jiangsu corporation tricell group has signed a contract purchase shake handshandle net. Shake handshandle net was the first Chinese group-buying websites to start IPO in the United States, its valuation has as much as $1.1 billion.

the fate of the shake handshandle takeover, let a person crying, but also to be expected. After the shake handshandle listed to stumble, until now has not fully recovered, or before ran too fast and have been decimated or investors have been coasting, not only by Meituan far beyond, the public comments,’s regiment, baidu glutinous rice has more than once this is also one of the earliest bosses.

from the beginning of the war, to the collapse of the outfit, 24 stamps, and glutinous rice, full takeover, the left is already less than several hundred of the industry, the shake handshandle is at the front but have not much time for it. And, more importantly, when other houses have found andie or find a new model, shake handshandle is still in the same place were slow to move, this is the root cause of the failure.

Meituan group purchase mode, the public comments on the advertising, baidu map LBS mode, glutinous rice and’s group via “online” mobile direct sales model, is becoming new powers for the original group purchase industry. At the same time, the BAT, 360, Su Ningyun business giants such as entry, let the life service industry is full of hot but also dangerous.

shake handshandle net end of fate, declared the formal end of the original group era, the next step is to see life service competition of electricity.

handle was acquired Two years ago already destined to

from late August of this year, from shake handshandle on another round of financing, but after that no further details. The fate of shake handshandle, perhaps to stumble on the eve of the listed two years ago, and the subsequent wu ran away to the takeover by the investors, may have been doomed is acquired.

go back to the beginning of 2011, as the nation’s largest group, the shake handshandle hired ge endorsements, coverage, large and small, outdoor subway, bus billboards, see who runs fastest in thousand regiment war, who can be the first ring in nasdaq. But soon after a wild rashly and burning money, buying industry rapidly in the second half of 2011 into the winter. But then, on October 29, 2011, shake handshandle have submitted the application for being listed successfully, the SEC disclosure of relevant documents show that in the past 12 months shake handshandle net revenue of $10 million. But in June 2012, shake handshandle net decided to cancel the listing application, and have decided not to proceed IPO plans and sell shares at the moment. Financial problems, patterns are shares in a single, management is out of control, such as by a sniper is considered the reasons for the failure of the shake handshandle, which also became the shake handshandle net boom-bust watershed. Since then, wu, the fate of the shake handshandle is taken over by a predominantly jinsha investors, but did not recover, news from many were acquired during the fall, the list of the merger or takeover of the shake handshandle, both giants like ali, 360, also with glutinous rice, peer’s regiment, shake handshandle has denied. But waiting for the acquisition, has become a handle the fate of the future, it’s just a matter of who would like to take over.

the takeover Fang Hongtu tricell, many people may not be unfamiliar, the financial investment, commerce and trade circulation, information service, the five pillar industries in the health care and real estate development group co., LTD., the total assets exceed 70 billion yuan, annual sales reached 80 billion yuan, ranked as China top 500 corporation 27th, which owns future high-tech (600122. SH), nanjing new balance (600682. SH), mecoxlane (NASDAQ: MCOX), Jin Pengyuan kang (430606) new three board etc. Many listed companies, especially the electricity business logistics sector, mecoxlane, business network, hui buy network, wan ShangXi card, all the enterprises, involving physical electrical contractor, O2O, logistics, payment, etc.

why to buy rival, lepads were made no further instructions, but it’s not hard to see. First of all, to be able to make up for the tricell electricity logistics sector in the field of life service is insufficient, the acquisition of a mature group, far proportion newly established to affordable, the future can also continue to promote the independent public, the full and Su Ningyun acquisition similar; Will, on the other hand, the electricity business to form a complete ecosystem. Tricell has already cover the electrical goods such as women’s fashion products, 3 c class, and logistics support, but also formed on the basis of the entity business circle O2O electric company, to integrate handles business, wan ShangXi card for support on integration of electricity business. If all through tricell electric business straight after jingdong, challenge ali, it is not possible for the future.

“group-buying death”? The key lies in mode

had said the meaning of the acquisition, we return to group-buying industry. Ball of 800, according to the latest data by the end of August, the first eight months of the year has achieved turnover was 44.08 billion yuan, with 1 – August growth averaged (7.69%), according to the four remaining can be realized in turnover was 37.19 billion yuan, so the size of the market for the whole year is expected to achieve “80 billion yuan”, and the monthly turnover will “ten billion yuan” the steps on the site in December. , so to speak, because the user on the sensitivity of the price and the convenience of mobile group, the group purchase of future growth space is still huge, but the difference is the game.

the failure of the shake handshandle net, the fundamental reason is that, compared with other counterparts, in group-buying proved to be just a kind of marketing rather than a business model context, still can’t find a clear pattern of development.

for Meituan, for example, with the industry’s size advantage, already formed the cat eye film, delivery and the expansion of tourism hotels such as vertical category, level and into offline and launch must bus, elevator ads, playing the product line and word of mouth. Meituan weakness is, however, pure discount coupon or continuation of the previous model, is only the surface more widely, but when the other group also began to grow, is inevitable and the occurrence of vicious competition, Meituan and reviews, hungry? Frequent fisticuffs for merchants and can illustrate this point, from the development space and profit, this is not a good thing.

the public comments for tencent’s investment in this year, not only for the entry of the micro letter, QQ, but also has through investment or a stake in the hungry yao, big mouth, science and technology, Shanghai Shanghai zhilong, ishikawa, TianCai ShangLong 5 companies, such as in front of catering takeout and back-end ERP system management. Travel to business reviews, accelerated this year but fate in somebody else’s hands, regardless of the micro letter diversion effect is limited, the three catering management software enterprises in the national share is not big, no form of absolute advantage, and the form of a stake in, doesn’t make comments on control gain enough to spread the risk in the future.

after the shake handshandle net takeover,’s group become not andie “only child”, also recently introduced based on the mobile end shop products, through their own online shop offers a great opportunity for, including independent merchants mobile client and brand stores, stores and one-stop through third-party platform, to help businesses connect directly to the user, is member of merchants to realize online direct marketing, operations, dynamic promotion, brand display, etc. , so to speak, in the life service business model to explore,’s group development is more clear and take the initiative to meet the strong sex, formed a bulk CPS on earnings into, mall platform for merchants and mobile App development, maintenance and the income, but with’s current status, although caught hold steady do big is unknown.

baidu glutinous rice is the most local tyrants, advantage is also the biggest in the home, for Meituan dual (offline spell advertising, online discount), the NBA preempted the need to further strengthen the LBS this usage scenarios in the future.

of course, in the field of life services, in addition to the four, baidu direct number, shop and pay treasure FuWuChuang, even 360 calls were also want to come with one foot. In general, with the development of various differentiation, attitude towards group buying is mixed, “theory of group-buying death has sparked heated debate, but no matter how, find a clear development model to speak more to the story, this is the priority, to fit a” shake handshandle net “will come soon.

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