When the smart home is full of the room, it is just boring

after a week of the house become more intelligent, I draw a conclusion, that is for only two people live in houses, sensors, everywhere can make all kinds of seamless operation equipment, intelligent enough already.

to start well. Installation is difficult for me to, I’m not the handy man, but I didn’t, too much effort to succeed in the living room and built a SmartThings center on the door of the apartment to connect a multi-sensor. I open a mobile phone application, let my wife holding a mobile phone sat in the living room.

in sight, I open the door, shut, open and shut.

SmartThings application to respond quickly, “the door opened.” “The door shut.” “The door opened.” “The door shut.”

science and technology, it was really great!

humidity sensor complex and frozen alarm, but also under the sink installed. The living room of the motion sensor took almost a minute. I’m pleased with the existence of the keyrings sensor especially, because I had some trend of obsessive compulsive disorder, including wake up in the middle of the night worried about key is missing, I test the sensor when it issued a low hum, need to spend a little time to turn off, inhibits I this compulsive behavior.

I want to guarantee SmartThings, it is easy to install, it is very easy to operate. I can track apartment in all things, and can confirm the apartment have been burned or flooded.

I think in some ways I was better than ever. The intelligent household gadgets to let me know the temperature of the home during the day usually around 20 degrees, I don’t know this before. I know that as long as I put a locator beacon on the key ring, according to murphy’s law, I can always find my key in 3 seconds. I’m sure the humidity sensor is of little use in my house because I don’t worry about the house will be flooded.

as a built-in mocking people skills, I have to say that the concept of smart home still has some problems.

the first thing we have to admit that it’s a bit to let a person get goose bumps. One night on the way home, I still have a few blocks from home when get the short message wife said she was going to buy some supplies at the flank of Whole Foods. “I should go to catch up with her and follow her.” I want to. Then I got tangled, when she is away from home, send me SMS or already in the supermarket? Or just let me know? In order to solve this problem, I check the record of home door, after she was away from home, send SMS to me a minute, that’s great, I can catch up with her. At that time, I didn’t want to do more, but when I explained to her what I did when I back.

I just monitor the my wife. Sold “when your child back home” what is likely to become “family monitoring their activities”.

just SmartThings aimed at the consumer level, is more of a smart home platform for lovers, who love study gizmos and early adopters. If my brain has a specific way to install line, I can do many things. If I have a smart thermostat, I can be programmed to make it at room temperature is lower than the open automatically when a particular value. Through some plug-in, I can make the light in the room when no one activities turn off automatically, can let the coffee pot in I woke up I began to make coffee, can even let Jawbone intelligent ring in my hand too long time without moving inform my family, and the like.

but here involves programming problem, for the public feeling no need to also not worth it, though very intelligent, but Jane is numerous.

however, research shows that people want from smart homes, is to be able to more effectively monitor family, property and the security of the most important thing in life. In order to do this, SamrtThings introduced these products. But the problem is with this kind of demand is mostly house with his own people and families with larger homes, through the mobile phone to see if the door lock can benefit people. However, many of these requirements have been security company and higher-end like Vivint home automation platform.

which needs a lot of young consumers or tenants. I don’t need a sensor installed on the door, because I will know immediately once someone tried to force me, I don’t need to be wet scheduler, because my sink is leaking if the landlord will fix it.

today, at the consumer level we can make a successful: only a few equipment thermostat and locks. Some fantasy smart home can know what you think, when you get home don’t have to get the key to open the door for you, know your favorite songs, record you want to see show, keep track of your action, the house into a you don’t need to raise my hand press switch seamlessly.

this fantasy can become the reality of the mass market is worth to think twice. The real smart home and host as clever. Sitting in my bedroom apartment, I can know everything that happened in the house, can anything anywhere in a few seconds to turn on or turn off. I don’t need technical support. According to the actual situation, to further promote smart home platform need to spend a great time to let the machine instead of me doing what I’d do, tell me what you have to know.

as toys, smart home has a good prospect, but really want to change the market structure, there is still a long way to go. When smart home become everyone’s first choice rather than just technical personnel, to provide real intelligence services, to become the mainstream.

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