When the configuration is no longer a fever, millet can price beyond the edge?

(text/Lin Zhang)

millet is a special existence, four years, amazing, with hot Internet economic thinking and fans, let domestic have imitated, especially recently rank third largest smartphone makers, millet seems to have become the representative of China mobile, whether the headlines or dinner, it is never short of, at that time. The just ended wuzhen world Internet conference lei jun: “May 5-10 years millet can make it the world’s first smartphone company” speech is more let a person attention. Millet let us infinite imagination. But under the so-called prosperous time, concern with the deposit. Now please allow me to superficial look at the age of millet and peril.

a, prosperous time

1. users leap:

let’s take a look at the development history of millet company main products sales: data show that in 2012, millet mobile phone shipment 7.19 million units, sales of 12.65 billion yuan. 18.7 million sets of millet mobile phone shipments in 2013, up 260% from a year earlier, millet sales target is 60 million + 2014, in the first half of 2014, millet company sold 26.11 million mobile phones, year-on-year growth of 271%; Sales tax of about 33 billion yuan, up 149% from a year earlier. According to lei jun had expected, compared to shipments will be doubled in 2014, 2015 or 120 million units, sales of more than billions. And the core of millet beautiful MIUI is achieved gratifying, millet of beautiful MIUI users in beautiful MIUI V6 conference, according to official data has exceeded 70 million. 4 conference in millet, the official beautiful MIUI users or 65 million, visible growth fast.

2. The talent introduction, lines of business to expand with the development of the market

in terms of talent introduction, millet introduced a number of senior talent, we are more familiar with Google executives responsible for millet existing international business before the Hugo of (Hugo Barra), veteran now responsible for the internationalization of beautiful MIUI Song Jianing (Donovan) and former executive vice President of sina, editor in chief is now responsible for millet Dr. Chen for the construction of content and so on.

in the line of business, millet to success in the mobile phone, actively explore new lines of business, from a simple phone expand into television, bracelets and other products, and actively expand smart home industry.

in terms of market construction, on the continent of solid domestic market at the same time actively promote internationalization, has opened up the Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia six market, and hopes to become the first Indian market in three years. These emerging market potential is tremendous, but limited to the level of economic development, willing to take on the purchasing power of the limited. And the pattern of cheap millet is attractive, maybe millet is also hope that the path of surrounding the cities from the countryside, to borrow from the emerging markets to expand users, improve market share.

3. Resources ecological investment

in lei jun depend his hold on the Internet and investing, millet is frequent, progress of investment. According to lei jun, millet has invested up to 66 companies, many of these companies and comfortably. Such as: gifted cool potatoes group, love art, al core technology, navione maps, ZEALER, thunderbolt, UC, vancl, mai di, jinshan, shanxi in the network, zhihu, jinshan doeg, lego box, Ann rabbit rabbit, and so on. Ray booth layout this investment which let millet tentacles can extend to every corner. Lei jun is had joined a large outside the China BTA factions, it will produce strong support to millet, and rely on the masses of emerging markets, the future of millet can indeed brings a lot of imagination.

millet these years’ rapid development, all the way to siege, big layout, wide stretch tentacles, in the domestic smartphone manufacturers, is a rare can compete with the layout of the millet breadth of manufacturers. Valuation is also rising, more recently millet valuation of $40 billion. It may be based on this, LeiJunYou courage dare to throw “over the next five to ten years millet can make it the world’s first smartphone company” such remarks. But behind magnificent valuations growth, I think millet is concern with the deposit. That is the so-called happiness. Talk the following concerns of millet.


1. The patent is weak, the domestic and the giant under siege

smart phone has never been so competitive, millet the wind does not represent a few years ago a few years later also will be so. China never lack of imitation, so that the domestic Internet after the millet mobile phone manufacturers have sprung up. Glory, one plus, zte, oppo, vivo, etc are under siege of millet, millet survival will be more and more difficult, and millet mobile phone are actively explore emerging markets overseas, who are the target, want to go to a share of the market, the competitive level. Is to provide products and services, the price is the same situation, built a barrier, what from rivals away, apparently, patent war when the best choice. Although millet can with its qualcomm before “license agreement”, get rid of the trouble of patent litigation, but as the national development and reform commission of qualcomm antitrust investigations increasingly close, qualcomm’s patent umbrella also may cease to exist. No umbrella of millet, and patent accumulation? Millet in front of the patent is only a very weak. With apple, samsung, huawei, zte, lenovo and OPPO etc, not a heavyweight, if these vendors in the overseas market for millet patent wars, millet how to deal with? There is not enough please refer to the patent accumulation of millet HTC in the U.S. market, and the transformation of the encounter after HTC.

2. price, cross but he

before writing this article, asked many friends with millet, why do you buy the millet. Answer almost uniformly is cheap. Indeed, in the rising prices, the price is always the most powerful weapon, even more wonderful, said ray booth the triathlon is far more affordable price, look at millet every conference, small rice vermicelli is always in a ring g-spot highest price. Cheap seems to have become the pronoun of millet, the so-called into and price is the price, a few years ago, the price of millet with bloodletting has captured a large number of users, but with the passage of time, the price for millet, has no advantage. See millet 4 this year, 1999 with the MX4 1799, you will find, in front of the price, the original so-called rice isn’t so loyal, deserters is big, all the 1799 call, although millet, meizu water army, but also set off a “chapter” rumor-spreading fight wars. But who also can’t say that there is no rice sincerely call. Price a cross but camp is millet, millet, even has the ability to impact the high-end market of 3000 yuan of above, also dare not to price to this status, decide the price, millet users will promise? There will be rush on appear on millet?

3. don’t have a fever what to do the configuration?

millet with fever will never take off the relationship, for the fever of millet, always also not flee configuration. Personally, the success of millet from early with a low price, high 2011 millet to use when the top configuration and a bit of a let a person feel real incredible low price allows users to scream, have a fever. After millet is not satisfied with the user constantly run a son, I am the best configuration of strengthening education, let millet users for millet “configuration is the best”. But as time goes on, millet and qualcomm relationship seems to have no so good. Qualcomm is strongest processor is not appear in the latest millet 4 above. Although in this era of configuration processor of excess, qualcomm processor is already s personally, I think all over the streets also spell configuration has no meaning, but for ordinary people, they don’t think so. So to get the qualcomm latest product millet, own digging “refuses to run a score” and how to fill? Don’t spell configuration, can not have a fever of millet, how do?

4 marketing and fan

millet another weapon of marketing and fans. Topic on social network manufacturing or online’s hunger for millet has always wanted to reveal their pretend bility and thriving, millet mobile phone in the early of the moon or on the train during the Spring Festival, many people look up to there is no denying that millet marketing is a very shrewd, but perhaps is too smart, rather repulsive, many become a laughing stock, marketing overexert, let a person of millet is not winning or losing, more seriously, results in the audience data fraud and other things, let I couldn’t help some doubt many things is that true? Millet rice noodles in highly active on social networks, millet to promote itself as high viscosity, in millet every attack war, it is also often see their busy figure, for millet armband. But the loyalty of the rice noodles how high, whether to have a same quality and lower price product in front will choose millet, from recent millet and meizu, 1799 attack the war I doubt little rice vermicelli loyalty stick. In Chinese marketing success can be replicated and whether to the international market? This is a big question.

5. Design

the appearance of the mobile phone design is like a man’s appearance, we all hope to be able to have aesthetic feeling extremely, to gain mass appeal. But according to the different genes, nature also have fat ugliness. But we are all yearning for beauty, so in the human society will produce a facelift, the industry will create imitation plagiarism on mobile phones.

millet product design concept, lei jun’s answer: “no design is the design of the best”. But from the point of millet and millet 3 4, clearly someone else’s design is the best design, millet 3 like the company, like millet 4 iPhone 5 s. Apple design director Jonathan ive made it clear that this kind of behavior is not flattery but lazy, is the thief behavior. Although frequently voice in a show of millet millet executives did not steal from apple, just for reference, also said to find out an apple design manufacturer no reference (abdomen black 1: Hugo barak, please look at the nokia N9 or the company), the show was taken for granted. But as one of the world’s top 3 smartphone makers, should take the design of others as their own design, also so sophistry, no matter from the point of view, is ironic. And since the beginning of the year, obviously can feel all manufacturers began to attaches great importance to the design, all began to stress process, from your trip to aviation aluminum alloy steel art. Millet is still in with other people’s design, the future? Millet, please keep in mind that apple is what to do with samsung’s imitation.

as a bystander, say a word in heart still want millet to some of their own independent design, regardless of beauty and ugliness, always own, saying millet 2 s still can see. Can imitate copying some original more less to make China’s real innovation is smart.

6. privacy concerns of the door

since the lowden exposure the prism door incident, information security has become a universal attention topic, privacy protection has been the attention. While millet jinx things repeatedly on privacy protection, have been in the market to expand into privacy door event. nullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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