When sleeping mobile phone recharge not only affect sleep, still can let you add fat

tencent technology Researchers have warned that night to sleep with a smart phone open, not only can affect your sleep, let you become obese, may even increase your chances of diabetes.

, they say, our bodies need dark night to secrete normal levels of hormones, which can be food and drink into energy.

this means that the street lights and so on ambient light can affect the secretion of melatonin, prevent us from effectively convert food into energy.

but scientists say that some of the equipment at the time of charging will release a shorter wavelength blue light, the effect of the metabolism of blue light to our sleep and the biggest.

although smartphones light enough to light up the whole room, but it will still affect our bodies. A team of scientists at the university of granada, found that in mice injected melatonin can help to adjust the physiological system, resistance to obesity and diabetes.

now, the American experts are studying at the university of Manchester, the regulation of sleep patterns affect how people with diabetes.

the university’s sleep expert Simon keller (Simon Kyle), says Dr “a lot of people to show a keen interest in the study because of the quickening pace of life in today’s society, we often be deprived of sleep, and we regularly exposed to artificial light at night.

“we are interested in is how sleep patterns change affects the onset of diabetes and obesity, as well as improve sleep time can have a positive impact on diabetes and obesity.

“there are a lot of studies have shown that we should be in the dark when they began to sleep. Because at the time of the evening, melatonin will begin to grow; When the sun rises, melatonin will decline.

“, therefore, if you sleep, or exposed to light line in the middle of the night, it will affect your melatonin secretion, and then change your metabolism.”

he also added that blue is one of the largest light harmfulness, because it will let your brain gets excited.

earlier this year, from the university of Oxford, Cambridge university and Harvard University’s top scientists warned that the lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems, such as cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity, because it disrupts your biological clock.

they said, we in the middle of the night to use the release of the blu-ray devices further exacerbated the harm to health.

Dr Keller advice, in before you go to bed a few hours, turn off the smartphone, tablets, and desktop computer, in order to reduce our risk of exposure under artificial light.

he adds, “reliable scientific data show that there is inevitable relationship between sleep disturbances and disease. If you can truly enjoy the dark night, so you might improve obesity.” (happy)

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