When can Google push android 5.0, the friends all eat lollipop?

Google yesterday formally external push the Android 5.0. Android 5.0 is Android updates for the first time the biggest ever. Kiss the son, the adopted son, so Google and other friends, who are able to upgrade to the Android 5.0? Who can eat lollipop first?

there is no doubt that Google recommended hardware products, the Nexus series of mobile phone and tablet, will take the lead to upgrade to the Android 5.0. Other mobile phone have to wait until their manufacturers and carriers allow, to upgrade for the complete system.

in theory, with Android 5.0 release and use, can accelerate the speed of product development process. This is the first time this summer, Google released the related application developer point of view, want some time to prepare for application developers and partners. Wait for Android 5.0 officials, and puts forward the point of view, the developer and the manufacturer will be ready to speed up the push Android 5.0 update and updated with the corresponding application adapter.

Google, unlike apple, hardware and software and grasp, it is not such a large and powerful mechanism, can make many products in a flash sync upgrade. Android upgrade will take time, especially in a different brand of Android between friend, you also need to overcome many difficulties.


interestingly, Moto G the second generation (godson) had seized before Google close son Nexus product line, first to eat the Android lollipops. By hunting cloud network edit your writing, Google official has been formally to the Nexus of sons and after 4 (Nexus and tablet) push 5.0 upgrade.

new brand Nexus 6 smartphone (produced by MOTOROLA) and the Nexus 9 tablet (HTC) will bring the Android 5.0 system. The two devices have been formally released. Other Nexus equipment, will be updated according to the release date of far and near. The second generation, Moto Moto G upgrade push second generation X, etc have been received.

kiss the son, and the key is coming, and Google separated by a layer of friends when equipment will upgrade the Android 5.0? As Google tightening control over the core Android applications and services, friends seem to be no longer willing to upgrade system problems, but to show how big the sincerity, to see who could beat upgrade system problems.


Moto X (the first generation and second generation)

Moto G (first generation and second generation)

Moto G equipped with 4 G LTE standard network

Moto E

the Droid Ultra

the Droid Maxx

the Droid Mini

MOTOROLA announced these phones will be using the Android 5.0 system, but doesn’t mention a specific time. Mobiles, however, the author Kevin Tofel that as early as the end of the month, the first batch of equipment can update the system. And she points out that the Droid Turbo has not been mentioned. However, it may just negligence. Turbo as the latest MOTOROLA Android devices (except the Nexus 6), and can’t be forgotten when the Android 5.0 system advancing the global.


HTC on Twitter, vice President of product management, points out that HTC One M7 and M8 will be system upgrade within 90 days. Sense 6 is now finished with Android 5.0 adapter, and do well.


LG Germany on Facebook released its status, points out that in the fourth quarter of this year, LG G3 will update to Android 5.0 upgrade, and LG G2 updates will follow.

in Germany, the news is assured. It is said that the United States of LG division may also have similar plans. But, through the wireless carriers test way and not into consideration, which could damage the whole upgrade schedule.


samsung’s Galaxy S5 phone almost sure will upgrade to the Android 5.0 system. Even, the Galaxy with a pure version of the Android 5.0 S5 is gaining momentum.

in addition, the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Alpha published this year, such as samsung mobile phone will soon receive the Android 5.0 upgrade. For the Galaxy S4 and other old type, estimated to wait for some days. Hunting cloud network editing thought, there is little possibility of update this year.


Xperia Z

Xperia ZL

Xperia ZR

Xperia Tablet Z

Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1S

Xperia Z Ultra

Xperia Z1 Compact

Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 Tablet

Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3v

Xperia Z3 Compact

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

last month, SONY announced Xperia Z mobile phones will upgrade to the Android 5.0, of course, also including the original phone. But made it clear that Google Play version Xperia Z equipment will first update (although probably will not happen next year), also did not provide accurate date or schedule.

Android 5.0 lollipops application appearance and home page

in Android 5.0 system there are still many uncertain factors in the promotion project. For example, some companies, based on mobile phone developers keen to “modify” Android fact, in an important Android update events (such as Android 5.0 update), those changes may make the entire product crash or unstable. It also determines the equipment manufacturers need to process involved in the development of new applications and the performance of these devices to a large number of tests.

but that’s not the last obstacle before the upgrade system. Because even smartphone developers ready to carry out the system, unless the carrier is ready (to), otherwise nothing will change.

wireless carriers can also be in who will be the important Android update products to the market, let the user before use, carefully detection. This is also the Android update products take several months to appeared on the market an important factor.

in order to guarantee the stability of the pre-installed applications and services program, operators and other people also need before delivery system upgrade, a large number of adaptive test. And the time can cause different degree of delay new system upgrade.

so far, not Google “son” product upgrade system plan, the earliest schedule seems to have a delayed nearly three months. Is unclear, it is including the carrier testing time. Anyway, until at least next year, you can receive a new Android 5.0 upgrade package.


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