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cloud network hunting note: , Suster GRP Partners, is a famous investment institutions, has successfully started and sold two companies Buildonline and Koral . Suster this person certainly has a wealth of experience, after years of experiences of investors, he also contact with so many start-ups. So that he was the business aspects of the old, perhaps a little too much.

Uber story must have known, that is why I don’t want to comment. However, there are a lot of people want to know my point of view, so I can say what I thought, is not the same as in this may and you normally hear. I love this app Uber, at the same time, I don’t think it is a real scandal. Has always been true, a scandal that is overdone.

when I was a novice, I failed to be Uber investors. I regret that now. I had the chance to participate in their seed round of funding, but unfortunately I gave up the chance. I don’t have investment Uber rivals such as Lyft, sidecars and Hailo, etc. So I don’t have very obvious bias, because you know, people will be around by the subconscious mind. Uber executives Emil, Michael and I are not friends, I’ve never even seen him.

this article completely based on the perspective of an onlooker shows that view.

Uber is in the “evil” ?

no. The idea is stupid. Uber is a very good startup, it brought astonishing influence for the society. Including me, anyone can itinerary, appeared in almost all of the cities in the United States. Line at the airport take a taxi can’t more than 45 minutes, also do not need waiting in the rain. When I go to a meeting, end of distance, with 15 minutes I can slip out his phone, open the Uber, let it be ready to take me to my next meeting. As a consumer, I like it very much Uber. This may be in the past five years, improved my career one of the best new products.

as my alumni attended a dinner at the university of California at sandia, at a banquet, some people talk about how their children use UberX home after a party at night. The story in Los Angeles, some parents and word of mouth among the youth of twenty years old. I know a lot of 16 to 36 people would drink and drive. If Uber can reduce the happening of this kind of situation, it is better.

so, Uber harmless.

Uber marketing too radical?

maybe so. Uber and Lyft competition was so fierce, but lead to Uber and the signing of the drivers. At least in terms of my personal judgment standard, and they are trying to prevent the competition for the financing activities, it seems a bit excessive.

but let us think about other way again. I can tell you, those with apple, Twitter, Facebook, and other companies, companies such as Google clash in the trenches of the former is absolutely deadly. Change algorithm, control application ecosystem, change the way third party a profit, all let partners or competitors “hurt” means of combat, think are very cruel.

this is a world’s ferocious, in the place where it is, the more returns to the more lucrative. I have put themselves in the industry’s most dangerous zone, feeling is not easy. Then I quit, leave quickly, and start thinking about the real problems, I finally understand: this is an era full of money, power and competition, this is a hobbesian world. This world is ugly, but we have been there.

powerful countries and enterprise executive force is very strong, because they have the power. While others, even if I don’t like, you have to attached to the strong.

Uber than those with the most excellent enterprise of aggression. In my experience, Uber really not aggressive. And show it just for one reason: it is Uber there was a time not popular with the media. Facebook has unfortunately in column, Microsoft had so. If Uber to clearly development, innovation, then these problems will be make a mountain out of a molehill. They need to soften their image, but believe me, Larry Ellison, Marc Benioff and Tom Siebel all these people have a rise in the game, for a soft elbow will be hit.

think to reporter reverse survey? Is it scary?

yes, this is pretty awful. However, Emil Michael blithely shows in a dinner party, he will investigate the Uber has negative news, especially Sarah Lacy, but they have no action. This is a stupid, especially in front of the journalists. Emil friend but if a dinner party, this words is not so much a impassioned call for, but rather a nonsense, depression appearance? Indeed. The scandal? I don’t think so.

apparently, reporters don’t want to let the rich and powerful company to investigate their private life. Also can’t blame them. They guard against each other, leading to the occurrence of the conflict. But have to say, some stories about the Uber do a little more sharp, the reporter’s emotion orientation to make judgments beyond the actual situation. The evaluation from a media, then open the floodgates, but to attack the \ company, also seems to be a little difficult.

“, “the author of this article as a critic snooping around the news, he thought as a reporter at the event center, also the jaundiced,. This article resonated with me.

Uber is squeezed the driver?
In fact, it is easy to understand why companies like Uber angry about media. A typical example of “why Uber drivers hate Uber” is a packaged ChengXinWen personal blog. The author followed the Uber driver, find evidence to prove why drivers hate the service.

“and no one training. Who is essentially free from some local hire more people. They don’t care what are these people. They need is “people”. They need to have a car, the car as far as possible the best GPS configuration, so that you can start driving.”

the irony is that an article is intended to reveal Uber staff without training, but were found to be unreliable news. If you want to report Uber driver, at least also want to do some research, interview the representative of the idea. The reporters, they still need to strengthen training!

taking longer than most people I use Uber. I took part in the sales meeting for the first time they used to finance. I must be one of the earliest users Uber, at that time, it also called UberCab. And he asked the 50 driver, I want to know their ideas in the past few years, I’m very interested in it.

here’s my personal interview concluded after a “scientific investigation” :

almost consistent drivers say they have a good time;

some people are still engaged in the black car service, earn extra money. Some are permanently change strategy, relying on the Uber to make money;

some people complain that there is too much Uber extraction of the commission. When money was scarce, they are going to complain about the existing business consistency;

I also asked a lot of people using UberX. I got a lot of all kinds of feedback, but were generally positive feedback.

I have to use Uber for many years. I am in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, st. Louis, Chicago, and Boston are used Uber. I had a very good experience, but also met a bad situation. But relative to the taxi? Uber is the bustling hiker in traffic.

people all love reality, so Uber really done anything wrong?

this morning I read an article, titled “growing company, a company that is full of love and satisfaction”. It is obvious that the homeowners on the reality love this service, and Uber drivers hate the company itself.

this may be true. Homeowners on if you are a growing company, you don’t need the actual working hours, want to rent out apartment can make money. Uber drivers and hair stylists, waiters and chefs. If you ask them, how many of them will love their employer? Uh huh? Therefore, an owner natural love their company. Because this is a seated money for your work.

however, a but in all things.

if you interview someone whose owner neighbors, you will get different feedback. Why don’t you ask, the original zoned for residential apartment building has become the standard hotel, the neighbors are willing to? I used to live in a house near Washington’s friends, and his neighbors thought avant-courier will house with into an occupancy, finally becomes a gathering place. There has been to party hired many times. My friend feel especially uncomfortable.

I don’t hate reality. In fact I quite like it. But now, reporters have been tracking Uber driver, the core of the evidence of the Uber have begun to decay; While other journalists in reality cohesion to prove an have a higher moral principles, in fact, I think we should do a similar comparison.

the two companies have made great innovation, has brought benefits for the people, all break through the limit, has solved the social problem. One of the two companies have some negative news. I doubt they are the customers problem exists.

there are scandals exist?

in my opinion, Uber is a big potential scandal. Now, however, people’s attention is drawn to the wrong place.

I think the key issue is, Uber employees suspected of tracking people’s schedule, and achieving this in itself is not difficult.

want me to say, if I were a member of the Uber, I’ll soon will fill holes, and rapidly to punish violations. If the public think you can’t do the most basic function of secrecy, a service that you’re gone.


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