What You Need To Know About Futon Covers

Here you are at the website dedicated to covering topics regarding all things about futon covers. Our hope is that you will find answers to the most common questions regarding the ways to protect and enhance the look of your futon and your living space. As you know, it isn’t just all about function when you are trying to cover anything, whether that is a bed or outside furniture. If that was all there was to it, you could just throw a plastic bag over your sofa-sleeper and be done with it. Many of our grandmothers did that and we know how that turned out. Their couches never got old, but you always had to sit on that uncomfortable plastic stuff that you would stick to or slide on in the hot summers. No, the new covers are nothing like those.

Your search online will give you many different types of results depending upon how you are searching for items related to your futon. Not only must you consider how you will cover the thing, but also what it is made of and the type of bed frame you use. With the choices available to you, you may never have to get bored with your sofa-sleeper ever again. Also, because there are chaise lounge futons and chairs that are made of futon mattresses, the various types of covering materials, patterns, styles, colors, and choices are everywhere.

How You Will Be Using Your Mattress Affects The Type of Futon Cover

If you want to get a hip feel, use this type of animal print on your futon.

Here, we will discuss these various topics as well as cover some questions that come up in the process of owning convertible sleeper-sofas, overnight guests, home decor and such. Consider this article your introduction to the world of futon covers and their many benefits. Like with traditional couches, normal wear and tear are to be expected. Depending upon the uses that your futon sofa must endure, whether it is for mostly extra seating in an entertaining area or you have occasional, even frequent overnight guests, it will need to be protected.

Protection of your futon does not need to be strictly functional without fashion. Futon slipcovers come in a variety of patterns that can match nearly every taste. Again, depending upon the type of look that you are going for, you can use your cover to enhance the look of the space without overpowering. Covers come in varieties from basic solid colors of primary colors, muted tones on up to your favorite ’80s colors in bright pinks or neon. Patterns can also be found with animal prints, florals, and more elegant looking styles as well.

Think About The Function When Deciding On Fabrics For Your Futon Mattress Cover

Here is a sample floral print by Aya Fabric that can be used to get a custom futon cover made.

Fabric choices will also be a factor when you are deciding on your choice of the futon cover. It is suggested that you match the fabric with its most frequent uses. For example, using a microfiber suede or linen type cover is not recommended where kids and animals will be jumping up on it. Common sense applies here of course. You might, however, opt for a leather option as it can wear quite well with pets and children. For a child’s play area, the best fabric choices are kinds of cotton and cotton blends with usually some kind of patterned print or something dark for obvious reasons.

With the resurgence in the popularity of futons in many homes, there has been a shift towards modern looks as well as the more traditional Japanese appearance. Futon beds and basic frames are still popular for college dorms and serve a much more utilitarian over fashion function. However, in finer homes, futon sofa-sleepers are the perfect solution for the empty-nesters who have occasional house guests coming to stay for a short period. They work very well in a guest room or home office/guest room.

This is how restful and zen-like your space could be, you would need to consider this for your choice of the right futon cover.

If the case is one where you use yours for extra seating in an entertaining area and crave variety, then futon covers are your perfect solution. When you put a slipcover on your futon, you give yourself options that didn’t exist before. If you are thinking ahead, you can even get several covers and have them ready to change out when the mood strikes. In times that call for more spark, go for the animal print or bold color or pattern choice. Trying to create that more intimate or subdued feel, then use a muted color or elegant pattern.

Covers for your futon can be the ultimate expression of your creativity and personality. Green conscious homeowners even have natural organic materials and hemp as possible options for futon covers. When it comes to something so seemingly simple as putting a cover on a sofa or couch, you might never know how much your personality can come through. It is cheaper and definitely much quicker than painting a room or buying new furniture. In fact, you can order you’re a cover for your futon online, have it shipped to your home, wash it and have it on your couch in under a week. Best wishes, thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

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