What makes Momo valuation of $3 billion?

cloud network hunting note: devoted to devoted to upcoming, its $3 billion valuation also triggered heated debate. Momo can from tencent network empire’s been grown up and become a public company, indeed to the industry. In this paper, the macro perspective to explore stranger stranger valuations.

the author: HouJiYong

Momo will listed, raising $300 million, is expected to valued at $3 billion. In the Internet world, behind the numerous photos of beautiful flower, Momo who is it? In micro letter, weibo, all of a large number of market competing goods, devoted to why devoted to access to a place?

Tang Yan themselves for Momo has very clear positioning: a piece of white paper on behalf of all the Internet social areas, draw two lines, horizontal lines of the left represents information, most the right side represent the exchange; A vertical bar at the bottom of the representative acquaintances, the top represents all of us. According to the Tang Yan explanation, message message in the first quadrant, which is the communication between strangers. Devoted to devoted to quadrant, no competitors.

the second quadrant of the product is weibo, everyone, and other products, is in the service of the information of all products; The fourth quadrant of the products is the micro letter, line, and other products, is to meet an acquaintance between products of the communication. The third quadrant or blank, which is to serve the acquaintance between the product information, do not have any products on the market at present, the reason is no market for it.

I personally don’t think not market, such as the “thumb reading” on the market, service is the earliest up acquaintances between reading products, in a sense is information products. Is vertical, the product is too too fragmented, grow slowly, it takes time to cook, rarely have the patience; Users are not mass, commercial imagine space is limited.

clear, clearly, it’s not the kui engineering background. Tang Yan graduated from chengdu university of technology building professional, served as 3 years of engineering supervision.

according to Tang Yan, devoted to social story is devoted to a stranger. Between strangers in social have commercial value? There had been confused, the reason is simple: users stay time is short, the user is the interaction between a one-off, this community is difficult transition, harder to commercialization. Myspace, after all the social product find a way of acquaintances.

in 2012, Facebook, become another Internet after yahoo, Google’s legend, the market more than billions of dollars. And it has competitors, a year earlier than Facebook create Myspace is for $35 million a year ago to sell online Media and advertising company Specific Media.

when Mr Murdoch’s $580 million stake in Myspace, how its scenery. Who now remembers Myspace?

why such a big contrast? When yahoo China’s former CEO xie wen and the author made a discussion, xie wen last conclusion is: Facebook is an acquaintance social, social Myspace are strangers, it is the key to the success or failure. We concluded that an acquaintance network worthwhile, stranger network has no value.

then we think in the logic renren, weibo, micro letter, the conclusion is clear, renren is a stranger network, commercial value is not high, weibo is half acquaintances social, commercial value is not big, is truly valuable micro letter, because the letter is an acquaintance network. You can compare, Facebook is based on the campus, between classmates and WeChat is based on the mobile phone address book. Then social product developers are saw this logic as the bible and acquaintances social realization by mobile phone address book.

another spirit is actually is alibaba founder jack ma, alibaba launched “and” the earliest social positioned to strangers. You don’t succeed, ma Shouting fire to Antarctic just stay on phase of slogans. “And” experiment at the same time, ma investment the stranger the stranger. Right now, it seems, ma.

now Momo commercial path is clear, the is a member, multimodal transport, 2 it is game three is advertising . In Tang Yan view, where there are users, there is value, this is the bible, acquaintances or strangers.

devoted to the success of the stranger, is to meet the demands of the people’s success, people are complex animals, human nature is complicated, in different environments will always produce new demand . Mobile Internet has brought great changes in the PC era can’t meet the requirements of humanity, in the era of mobile Internet, can be satisfied; PC Internet age did not produce demand, also produce now. Using a mobile phone with PC for instant messaging, after all, is not the same.

ma says tencent’s mission is to establish a connection of the world, the world is divided into two parts, one is the known world, the world such as acquaintances; The world is an unknown world, such as strangers. Tang Yan is expected for the future: WeChat connects the known world, Momo responsible for connecting the unknown.

in this sense, Momo $3 billion valuation is not high science and technology.

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