What domestic angel investors?

the British philosopher Bertrand Russell once said about wealth: there are a lot of good things in the world, but are relatively good, but money is the absolute good thing, because money can the exchange of most other good things. German philosopher Schopenhauer has a similar view: if a person can have a pen to the careless wealth of life, that life is indeed a blessing. In the investment industry, with the most wealth of the people, can not fail to mention angels. “Like name, had wealth and the use of power, in the eyes of entrepreneurs, this group of people is angel falls”, said a business teacher.

“China entrepreneurship rate is low and angel investors limited number and low investment activity has certain correlation”, for melting the mentors said, “because the quantity is limited, so demand angel funds are a lot of”.

angel capital demanders and angel investors more limited in China, for the angels to nature also is difficult. How can you get angel investors? The mentors said to “know thy enemy.”

“angels you understand China? Angel investors in China is there any difference with foreign angels “? Investment advisor put forward a series of question marks.

in order to help find angel investors and financiers successful financing, combining with the experience of project capital docking platform for many years, angel investor groups in China on a roughly analysis, is seen as a vote in harmony community platform for China’s angels “group portrait sketch” at a time.

China characteristics of angels

general angel investors including angel investment institutions and individuals, the narrow sense is mainly refers to the individual, the investment capital comes from personal wealth. In the main analysis of the characteristics of the latter.

China angel investor has the following several distinctive features.

first, interests and emotions. Angel investors now that is a person, their economic behavior inevitably contains emotional factors, different from institutional investment. Institutional investors select a project, seeing the yield, return and risk is a rational index, angel investors also take these, of course, but angel investors also take a fancy to their feelings and emotions and founder of the project.

“angel investors also value the emotion the European and American countries, such as the gates vaccine programmes, with good feelings. But China angel investors in the investment project, more value for emotional factors, such as investment of every guest, lei jun tao, play more, and can be cow, these projects, the founder of the basically lei jun friends for years. Angel investment income, but not only see the benefits, “cast melting a senior investment analyst said.

the second, is rich in business experience. “China most angel investors tend to be self-made entrepreneurial success, it is different with the United States, the United States part of the angels is not all entrepreneurs, there may be a inventor or financiers, accumulated enough wealth, angel investment is one of the types of asset management measures”, cast melting according to one analyst, “because it is a business started with nothing and so knew labor pains, for China’s business environment, enterprise management, also have a wealth of experience, so in the choice of investment projects, according to their own business experience, project screening”.

a wealth of business experience, can be said to be the angel investors in China and the European and American countries investors important differences. In China’s current prominent angel investors, lei jun once in wuhan financing lane sell computers, in jinshan is ups and downs; Zhou Hongyi was widely criticized for 3721; Shi yuzhu giant chairman, once laden with debt. Today, as it were, a prominent Chinese angels, no one is smooth all the way, the tortuous experience, entrepreneurship can let them have more empathy for entrepreneurs.

third, focus on a single field of investment. According to the cases in recent years, angel investment statistics found that angel investors prefer single investment field of China. Such as xiao-ping xu, xue savages, zhou is the Internet and science and technology project investment, to almost no involved in other industries.

with the influence of information technology in all walks of life, a clear border between the industry tends to be fuzzy, an urgent need to angel investors in cross-border investment, especially to the Internet in the field of project selection for investors crossover, in order to realize the investment industry across. In terms of cross-border investment, ma investment everyday, express, ding livestock farming, can be regarded as the growth in cross-border investment model.

the fittest can ever victorious, cast melting on the purpose of induction is characteristics of Chinese angel investors hope that entrepreneurs can “there”, on the basis of the “known for”, can attract angel investor attention.

acquire the method of angel investors focus on

to understand the characteristics of the angels, the purpose is to earn angel investors. Cast also provide some get angel investors focus in melting method.

magny cours. According to the observation, entrepreneurial teams especially value by angel investors in China. Therefore, entrepreneurs in persuading angels, except the present products, explanation and profit model, talk about the future prospects, also want to fully demonstrate the feelings of the entrepreneur for the product and entrepreneurial teams for the passion of my career. Should not only to persuade people, also want to emotional and moving.

seeking contacts. Baidu, robin li won the first $600000 of investment, from the angels Greg, and Greg to baidu, because Mr Xu, his matchmaking-obsessed from xu is li’s friend. From which we can find that the importance of networking in angel investment from the. So, silicon valley in China, network resources are more important.

its good. Because China angel investors value in the field of their investment projects, therefore, entrepreneurs should be based on the characteristics of their project, look for the profession’s angels, their mood, stimulate their interest in the project financing.

China angel investor groups belong to a new group of investors, but is mature, they don’t lack keen eyes, and when their eyes and financiers of eye contact, is probably a new portfolio.

source: cast melting world

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